75% commission! $50.25 per sale! 37.5% CTR. Awesome conversion!

75% commission!  $50.25 per sale! 37.5% CTR.  Awesome conversion!
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From: The Magazine Publisher

Dear future magazine publisher,

Are you starting a magazine, but don’t want to get stung by expensive fees to hire a designer to create an over-priced magazine template? Do you want to hit the ground running with your magazine production and get started right now – instantly? Do you have the skills, time and patience to design your magazine yourself, or would you prefer to download your magazine template in a ready to use package?

Did you know that a minor magazine will turnover $70,000 per month, or $900,000 per year?

It’s true

Did you know that this website is the only place on the internet where you can get a professional magazine template and a complete step by step guide showing you how to start and run your magazine business for maximum profits?

It’s true

I know exactly what is required for a successful magazine design, and so I should, I have been runnning my extremely popular, highly profitable magazine for the past 3 years. One of the over-riding reasons for my continued success is the fact that I employed a professional designer to design my magazine template from day #1.

Imagine starting and running your own multi-million dollar magazine from the comfort of your own home.

Magazine publishing offers remarkable profit potential, since magazines are high
value publishing products, offering high potential profits. Just a single copy of many
popular magazines currently costs up to $10, so it is easy to work out how high the
turnover of even quite a modest monthly magazine could be :

…. A minor magazine, with a circulation of just 10,000 copies, will turnover $70,000
a month or $900,000 a year.

…. A large magazine, with a circulation of 100,000 copies, will turnover $700,000 a
month or $8.4 million a year.

…. A top magazine, with a circulation of 1 million copies, will turnover $7 million a
month or $84 million a year!

And all this DOESN’T include the revenue which can be earned from selling
space in magazines …. many quite average magazines charge $50,000 or
more for just one page of advertising!

Magazines Have Equity Value : This is one of the most important concepts you
must know about when entering the magazine publishing industry. Quite simply,
when you create and publish a magazine title that title becomes valuable in itself, as a
well known and respected trading name. This ‘equity value’, as it is called, is quite
separate from the asset value of, for example, your business premises and equipment.

And the equity value of a magazine can be very, very high indeed. The trading titles
of top magazines periodically change hands for many millions of dollars. (It is
reported that Felix Dennis, publisher of one of the biggest magazine success stories of
recent years – men’s magazine ‘Maxim’ – has turned down offers of US$100 million
for his publication.
) So, should you decide to sell your new magazine as a going
concern in future it could make you very, very wealthy indeed – quite apart from the
money you make from selling actual copies of your publication.

Below is the professional layout of the the template I had designed, and the very same one I will be passing onto you as a part of the Magazine Template Package at a fraction of the price I paid to have it designed by a professional. As you can see it is a professionally designed template with a fresh, modern feel. Click on the graphic below to launch a full-size version of the Magazine Template that you can flip through:

When it comes to your magazine design, you want something modern, trendy and appealing to the eyes. My magazine template has been professionally designed by qualified designers and is waiting for you to add your content and begin publishing.

You don’t need to goto all the expense I did when I started my magazine, I have done all the hard work for you, and you can benefit from my expertise and experience for a fraction of the cost I paid to get my magazine designed.

This is unlike any other Magazine Template product in the world today.

The Magazine Template Package is a professionally designed 30+ page magazine template for Adobe Indesign. All the hard work has been done for you, all you need to do is add your content, and you’ll be ready to hit the press and produce the first edition of your very own magazine.

The Magazine Template package includes a professionally designed cover, contents pages, feature pages, column pages. All the headings, photos and text have been professionally laid out for you. You have full access to change the text, headings, fonts, photos or anything you like within the magazine template.

Below is the contents of the Magazine Template:

Magazine Template Available for Adobe Indesign, Quark and Microsoft word

Note, all template files come zipped in Adobe InDesign format, Quark format and Microsoft Word format.

  • Front cover (1 page)

  • Contents (1 page)

  • Whats On? (2 pages)

  • Restaurant Reviews (2 pages -reviews of restarants including service, ambience, quality of meals with photos.)

  • Interview with a star (1 page – interview with a famous person)

  • Bar, Pub and Club Reviews (2 pages – reviews and photos of local pubs)

  • Movie Reviews (1 page with photos)

  • Live Music/Band reviews (1 page – reviews of local bands playing at pubs)

  • Live Theatre reviews (1 page – reviews of stage shows and musicals eg. Phantom of the Opera)

  • Fashion reviews (3 pages – the lates trends in fashion)

  • Hair, Makeup & Beauty (2 pages – product reviews, how-to articles)

  • Street Poll (1 page – a questionaire of people with their photos)

  • Club Photos (1 page – people at clubs)

  • Art Reviews (1 page)

  • Wine Reviews (1 page)

  • Classifieds (2 pages – readers text advertising)

  • Competitions/giveaways ( 1 page – electical gadgets, vouchers, clothing etc. to give away)

  • Car photos and reviews (1 page – where readers showcase their street racing cars)

  • Horoscopes (1 page)

  • The template also has 5 full pages allocated for advertising so you can start making money from day 1 when you publish your magazine.

Of course any of the above content titles can be changed and edited to suit your individual magazine content requirements.

Click here to see a video of how easy it is te edit the Word version of the template to update some of the pictures.

This magazine template cost me thousands and thousands of dollars to get professionally designed, and I am about to offer it to you at a fraction of that price.

Click here to flip through the magazine template.

I know you want more, so I am going to throw in this amazing BONUS valued at $99:

“How to publish a magazine” 200+ page complete study e-book.

How to publish a magazine

Here is a small selection from the study reference guide of specific information you’ll be learning and applying:

  • How to develop a magazine or newsletter idea within hours of reading the reference guide – you’ll have a full understanding of what ideas/titles will capture thousands of new customers/subscribers in minimum time

  • How to get it right first time! Using a very simple step-by-step formula, you’ll learn exactly what articles, features, news and information you should include in your magazine and how to combine them expertly – just like a professional editor

  • How to write articles and features, take and choose photographs, use artwork, design and layout magazine pages professionally – with lots of clever techniques, strategies and methods to develop a professional finished magazine or newsletter

  • An insight into how the magazine and newsletter industry actually works – what subjects constantly attract thousands of readers week on week, year on year, out-pull their closest rivals and achieve dramatic sales growth – and why there are numerous publishing opportunities which are underdeveloped – you’ll discover 80 subject titles that will grow into major profit-producing titles

  • Advanced magazine and newsletter development methods and strategies. Develop your title into a multi-national brand. You’ll learn about producing overseas editions, overseas licensing, exploiting the Internet with an online version, creating a stable of titles and developing the brand using your best Unique Selling Proposition

  • How to find and use journalists, writers, designers, photographers and other creative people to work for you on a freelance basis

  • How a combination of simple marketing methods results in companies queuing up to advertise in your publication.

  • How to write interesting editorial comment

  • How to obtain news stories from press releases, news agencies and syndication

  • Powerful direct-response marketing methods, techniques and strategies that you will use to build your business into a major publishing force – effective sales-related marketing principals that will multiply the results you achieve

  • How to construct a complete flat plan of your publication. Standard sizing, production, printing, binding and obtaining a ISBN Number

  • How to find the right distributor who’ll put your magazine on the news-stands and into all the major newsagents – sell the title for you and then send you the cash

  • And much more

By applying the specific information to your magazine/ newsletter idea you’ll achieve phenomenal success.

I know you want even more, so I am going to throw in this 2nd amazing BONUS valued at $99:

“How to format your Magazine Templates in InDesign” 12+ minute Camtasia instructional Video.

3rd limited time BONUS – We have just launched our Magazine Template Cover Package which is a compilation of the following additional covers to complement your Magazine Template Package:

Horse Racing themed

Car Racing themed

Fashion themed

Summer themed

Winter themed

Spring themed

Autumn themed

Christmas themed

Easter themed

Check out a sample below:

The ordinary price of the Magazine Template Cover Package will be set at $67, however for a VERY, VERY, VERY short time only, you will get all 8 covers for FREE if you purchase the Magazine Template Cover Package right now. That’s right you will pay NOTHING EXTRA and have 8 additional quality covers you can use for your magazines. Please hurry, as we’ll be pulling this offer very soon. When you make your purchase the 8 covers will be included as part of your download pack.

4th Bonus – Lifetime membership to the Magazine Template magazine design, production and distribution forum. This is exclusive to purchasers of the Magazine Template. Exchange ideas, find contacts, and create joint ventures with other magazine publishers from all around the world.

5th Bonus – Lifetime Upgrades to your Magazine Template Package. This will ensure your templates will always work with the latest versions of your software.

6th Bonus – A free email consultation with one of our professional, experienced designers. This will ensure you hit the ground running, and don’t hit any technical glitches.

Woah…that’s some list of free gifts right? That’s right! Together they’re worth well in excess of $258!


My goal is for you to be a successful magazine publisher. What I am about to offer is absolutely crazy, but I want you to have complete peace of mind, and to know you are not being ripped off.

I am giving you a 100%, no questions asked, ironclad money back guarantee. Try my Magazine Template, and if for any reason at all you want to return my Magazine Template within the first 60 days, you can do so, and I will personally promptly refund all of your money. No questions asked. Basically you have nothing to lose!

I believe in this product 100%, and I know you will benefit from all my hard work, and that this template will propel your magazine to become a great success. You can’t beat a deal like this. I am taking all the risk! Order now and get started. This may be the day your life changes for the better. Don’t struggle by yourself, learn from my experience and knowledge. Everything you need is contained within my Magazine Template Package. The journey to your magazine publishing success starts here. Good luck, and god bless.

Hey wait a minute, don’t take MY word for it.

Here’s what some real people just like yourself had to say about the Magazine Template Package!

Look at it this way — $67 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on the Magazine Template Package and start using it right away to hit the ground running and publish your very own magazine!

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In

“the Magazine Template Package”

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click the ‘BUY NOW’ button below. Order right now for only $67 (even if it’s 3:00 am in the morning). After the intoructory period, the price of The Magazine Template Package will revert to $240. So don’t delay in ordering now to receive your 75% discount!

Order now to get the whole package for $67!
After midnight on

The price will revert back to the normal price of $240. ORDER NOW TO SAVE DISAPPOINTMENT!

Yes, I Just Have To Have This Incredible Magazine Template Package! Count Me In Right Now!

It’s Easy To Order…

Click the ‘BUY NOW’ Button Below To Order!

(You will be immediately directed to the download page once payment is received where you will be able to automatically download your Magazine Template in Adobe Indesign, Quark and Microsoft Word formats + your 3 FREE Bonuses valued at $258)

click below, you will have a chance to review your order

Do you have a question? Click below to contact our support staff.

Don’t forget the special price of $67 will expire in ! After that, the price will revert to $240.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try the Magazine Template Package today?


The Magazine Publisher

P.S. Don’t forget you can order at any time of the day or night and get instant download, so you’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes! Once your payment is received, you will be automatically re-directed to your download page where you will be able to instantly download all your Magazine Template files as well as your Bonus e-book course ‘How to publish a magazine’, as well as your Camtasia instructional video.

P.P.S My Magazine Template really is the easiest and most pain-free way to hit the ground running when starting your own magazine. I have done all the hard work for you, and you’ll benefit from my knowledge and experience for a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay a professional designer. And don’t forget you’re covered by my 100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, IRONCLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Click the ‘BUY NOW’ button above to order the Magazine Template now.

Sign up for our free 10 lesson mini e-course on How To Publish a Magazine,

and receive a Free Magazine Cover Template!

The Magazine Template Office – PH: +61 3 9818 2101

You can also add us on MSN Messenger to ask any questions:

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