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Dear Carl,

Your Abundance Visualization Training course is already working for me. Thank you very much! You are a great teacher!

My elderly mother passed on 6 weeks ago and, due to family issues, I have to move out of the family home asap. I have no savings, assets or property whatsoever. I can’t afford to even rent a room. I have some social security (my country’s version of it) but I cannot use it to buy a bedsitter government flat, which costs around $70K (my currency). But I did send in an appeal to them to allow me to use my SS for buying the flat.

For the past 6 weeks, I had watched and read hundreds of videos and websites on manifestation, tapping, binaurals, subliminals, self hypnosis, mantras, music, etc, on the LOA from around 20 or so teachers. Most were more or less helpful but, I felt, not significantly so. I did get several lottery wins totaling about $300 during this period.

Then I came upon Neville Goddard’s amazing stories and teachings. Which eventually lead me to your counting-money visualization video and I knew that you, out of all the people teaching the LOA and NG, understood it best and I wanted to learn from you.

From the beginning, I have been trying to manifest $100,000. Last week, after watching your counting-money video, I visualized counting out $100,000 in $100 bills (my currency). From a pile of $100 notes in front of me, I counted out 20 bills, in the same style I usually count notes, to make $2K per bundle and imagined putting a rubber band around each bundle. It took about 20 minutes to finish counting the entire amount. Lol! Looking at the pile of $2K bundles, I happily said to myself, “You are ALL mine and I am going to use you to buy my govt flat. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God and the Universe.”

Two days later, I bought your Abundance Visualization Training course and started listening to it this past Sunday. The very next day, I received a letter from our SS saying they can release 44K to me to use for buying the govt flat! This was totally unexpected as most such appeals get rejected. I thanked God, my Unconscious Self, my Higher Self and the Universe and expressed my deepest gratitude for this. A friend who works in govt housing advised me to keep on appealing until they allow me to use the full amount in my SS account.

The next day, Tuesday, I received a cheque for $10K, due to me from my mother’s SS account! Again, this was totally unexpected, as I was expecting a much smaller amount and expecting it some time in the future. I again thanked God, my Unconscious Self, my Higher Self and the Universe.

In less than a week from doing the counting-money visualization and within 3 days of starting this training, I have manifested $54K! I think all the other manifestations, tappings, mantras, etc, which I did earlier had also helped in moving me towards my goal. But I feel that this Abundance Visualization Training course had created a strong anchor within my Unconscious Self and to my Higher Self and this is what is making this manifestation work so well for me.

Oh, and since Sunday, I had also won another $150 in the lottery.

I should also mention that I have asked relatives, friends, clients to pray for me, whatever their religion. I like to think of these prayers as being a form of manifestation or desire coming from one person and directed at or sent to another. This must also work, since we are all connected energetically.

Thank you once again. My blessings to you.


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