An utility of video searcher, downloader, uploader, converter.

An utility of video searcher, downloader, uploader, converter.
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Meet Trent

Video Armada is owned and operated by Trent Bynum, a media professional with nearly a decade of experience and expertise working with production companies, creative agencies, and independent studios.

All About Story

Story is critical to making a meaningful impact with creative content. Trent takes great pride in his ability to understand the heart of the story and bring your creative vision to life. 

Above and Beyond

Trent doesn’t miss deadlines. Ever. He does what it takes to get the job done. Whatever the need, he works diligently and with a sense of urgency to make sure your project is finished when you need it. 

Focused on Details

Every shot matters, and every detail counts. Video projects have an enormous amount of moving parts, and Trent specializes in sorting through the chaos to produce amazing, consistent, quality work. 

Specialty Skills

Complete Video Editing Services

Motion Graphic Design & Animation

Compositing / VFX

Multi-screen Synchronized Experiences

Kinetic Typography

Onsite Videography

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