Arizona Election Audit Draft Report *Leaked*…

Arizona Election Audit Draft Report *Leaked*…
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The Arizona Senate’s independent election audit results will be announced today at 1 p.m.. But a draft report from the independent auditing firm Cyber Ninjas that is being described as close to ‘final’ has been leaked to the press. Its results are both surprising and alarming to those who believe that Arizona’s election was flawed due to Maricopa County’s lack of transparency and non-standard practices that made it ripe for ‘fraud.’

The documents were obtained in a “leak” via KJZZ:

The leak comes less than 24 hours before a scheduled presentation in the Arizona Senate, where President Karen Fann and Sen. Warren Petersen, the Republicans who issued subpoenas that obtained the ballots and voting materials needed for the investigation, are giving the contractors they hired to conduct the review a platform to explain their findings.

The Cyber Ninjas’ draft reports are provided below. They can be downloaded and read or scrolled through below. First, the Executive Summary:


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