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Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between isochronic tones and binaural beats? Which one is better?

Binaural beats are dual tones, each one slightly different from the other. You hear one tone in each ear and your brain responds by creating a tone to reconcile the difference between the two. Isochronic tones are single tones. The variation in pattern here is brought in by interspersing silence between the sound, which means that your isochronic tone does not have a continuous sound but tones broken up by silences. Studies show that isochronic tones have far more contrast than binaural beats because of the silence and sound pattern. This sharp contrast evokes a faster impact from your brain, prompting it to match the frequency more quickly. Also, isochronic tones are found to be stronger stimulants to the brain.

Is it dangerous to listen to the brainwave entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is used by millions of adults across the world with no negative effects. However, as with any treatment or therapy, individuals who are prone to seizures should avoid these tones. It is also not advised for pregnant women or very young children whose brain is still developing. If you are concerned about health impacts, discuss it with your health practitioner before you start using our brainwave entrainment products. It is also very important that you use the products in accordance with our instructions.

Keep the volume at a level where it is pleasant for your ears but not too loud. Extremely loud noises can cause damage to your hearing and you may be straining your senses excessively too.

Is it ok to do other work while listening?

With the binaural beats, this may be difficult to do since you need to listen to the twin frequencies and allow your brain to create a third one to bridge the gap. Ideally, you will be listening to these beats through headphones so carrying out other work may be challenge. However, with isochronic frequencies, the tone can be heard without headphones which means you can run the mp3 with a speaker and allow it to play in the background as you carry out your work. Of course, activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery should NOT be undertaken when you are listening to these tones because your attention is shared between the two tasks. Tasks like gardening or sewing or cooking can be done while your brainwave entrainment music is playing.

That said, you achieve the best results when you listen to the tones in a relaxed, quiet environment, investing your complete attention to the tones and the effect they have on your inner self. Experts recommend that even isochronic tones be heard via headphones to cut out distractions from external noises. The best thing to do is give it your entire, undivided attention, so that you can experience the outcomes quickly and easily.

How long is best to listen?

Some people are more resistant to brainwave entrainment than others and they may need many more sessions for the tones to start taking effect. Experts recommend that you listen to your brainwave entrainment music regularly because the positive impact is cumulative and builds as you listen to it day after day. Once you start feeling the effects, you will want to continue the sessions.

The time for each session is typically mentioned on the product but, in general, you should invest about 30 minutes each day when you start listening to these audios. After a few months you can cut down the session time to about 20 minutes without compromising on the beneficial effects that you enjoy.

When is the best time to listen?

The best thing is to set aside a time of the day, ideally early morning or before bed, to this activity. Calm down your mind as much as possible, settle into a comfortable spot, take a few deep breaths to get into the perfect frame of mind and start listening to the music.

Is there any age limit for using brainwave entrainment?

Very young children should never be exposed to binaural beats or isochronic tones. This is because their brains are still in the developmental stage. In fact, these tones are recommended only for individuals above the age of 16.

How long will take to see results?

This depends on how ready your brain is to absorb the impact of the tones and how responsive it is. Most people experience a feeling of relaxation and calm right from the first session. The degree to which you feel these hinges on how well your brain reacts. Use it over a few days and you can experience unmistakable signs of stress reduction and improved clarity of mind. After a while, when you brain gets trained in allowing better communication between the right and left hemispheres, you will sense that the feeling of mental clarity and calm carry forward even hours after a session.

Do you ship CDs?

We do ship CDs and charge you small amount per unit for shipping and handling. Contact support to know more.

What is the difference between the tracks you offer?

The frequency used for each track is designed based on the outcomes desired. For example, the same frequencies are not used for the telepathy tones and the stress caffeine addiction ones because different areas of the brain need to be stimulated.

Can I listen to multiple topics in one day?

For best effects, limit yourself to three different tracks in a day with a time gap between them. More tracks in a day will prevent you from getting the maximum benefits from all of them.

Are the effects permanent?

You have to listen to these tones regularly for best effects. Missing a couple of days should not make a big difference to a regular practitioner and positive effects will remain even if you do so. But leave it midway and you may find your brain falling back into its old ways in time.

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