Avenatti Seeks $94 Million Over Treatment in Jail…

Avenatti Seeks $94 Million Over Treatment in Jail…
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Fallen celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti filed a $94 million claim alleging that he suffered brutal treatment in jail on orders that “came from the Attorney General,” referring to former President Donald Trump’s then top prosecutor Bill Barr.
Spending about 94 days in solitary confinement or under locked-down status inside drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s former jail cell, Avenatti claims, he was given only a copy of Trump’s ghostwritten memoir “Art of the Deal” to keep him company.
“He was housed alongside four accused terrorists and a former CIA employee accused of treason; the United States Attorney General had directed these individuals to be held in 10 South under ‘special administrative measures,’ typically reserved for people who pose threats to national security,” Avenatti’s claim states. “There was no plausible security reason for housing [Avenatti] in 10 South. He had never been convicted of any crime, had no history of violence and was not informed of any threat made against him by other inmates. Rather, [Avenatti]’s confinement to 10 South was retaliation for [Avenatti]’s criticism of President Trump and other federal government employees, including the Attorney G …

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