Betrayal at House on the HIll 3rd Edition Review — The Haunts Work?

Betrayal at House on the HIll 3rd Edition Review — The Haunts Work?

Avalon Hill greatly improved Betrayal at House on the Hill! Mostly! In this Shelfside review, we cover 3rd edition of this popular roleplaying halloween themed board game, a thematic dungeon crawler for 3-6 players, originating in 2003. You play as ameritrash minis who are investigators delving through an abandoned house, drawing tiles to randomly generate the modular tabletop map while playing. After a number of turns, haunts will trigger, which is the second half of the game, with one player revealed to be a traitor, and then players setup 1 of 50 different scenarios featuring all sorts of superstitious missions. The game is not only highly thematic, but includes team play, free-for-all, dice rolling, and co-op, filled with item card interactions. But were the changes to 2nd edition with Widow’s Walk enough to make 3rd edition great? The component tiles and tokens are pretty thin…

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Table of Contents:
Intro & Overview- (0:00)
What is Betrayal & How to Play – (2:36)
Pros – (4:25)
Cons – (10:48)
Recommender Score – (15:53)
Ashton’s Personal Score – (19:35)

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