BREAKING NEWS! Elon Musk FINALLY WINS Against Joe Biden!

BREAKING NEWS! Elon Musk FINALLY WINS Against Joe Biden!

Elon Musk FINALLY WINS Against Joe Biden!

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, met with top White House officials on Friday to go through the Biden administration’s efforts to expand the market for electric vehicles.After long years of battle between the two, it finally ended in a historic partnership. How did it happen? And what is this greatest deal? Let’s find out!

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Musk met Mitch Landrieu, the coordinator for infrastructure development, and John Podesta, the counselor on sustainable energy. Musk and President Joe Biden have at times been openly hostile with one another.

The two men talked about “electrification and how the bipartisan infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction Act can advance EVs and increase the electrification more broadly,” according to Jean-Pierre, referring to two significant pieces of legislation passed under Biden that offer incentives and subsidies to support clean energy, electric vehicles, and general infrastructure.

Although Biden did not meet with Musk, according to Jean-Pierre, “it’s significant that senior members of his team had a meeting.”

With ownership of the most well-known EV brand in the nation, space projects, and Twitter, the billionaire entrepreneur enjoys a peculiar position at the nexus of cutting-edge industry and politics.

The Biden administration and him have frequently clashed, and he has embraced right-wing talking points on Twitter.

He claimed to have met on Thursday with both the Democratic minority leader Hakeem Jeffries and the Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy as Congress looked into possible restrictions on social media sites.

Musk stated on Twitter that his trip was to “discuss making sure that this platform is fair to all sides.”

Biden has campaigned for businesses to use union labor, while Musk has pushed to keep unions out of his facilities, and their interactions have frequently appeared combative.

In a tweet last year, Biden touted EV production by GM and Ford but left out Tesla, prompting Musk to refer to Biden as “a damp sock puppet in human form.”

Almost a year after taking office, and after Musk had frequently complained about being ignored, did Biden publicly acknowledge Tesla’s contribution to the manufacture of electric vehicles in the United States.
After Musk expressed concerns about the economy in June, Biden disparaged Tesla by comparing it to Ford and mockingly wished him “lots of luck” on his “trip to the moon.”

Nevertheless, Musk has maintained long-standing, significant ties to the American government, which have persisted under the Biden administration.

While SpaceX, Musk’s rocket company, has contracts worth billions of dollars to ferry personnel and freight to and from the International Space Station and to build a lunar lander, Tesla has benefited from tax incentives offered to purchasers of its electric automobiles.

Under the $430 billion U.S. consumer tax credit program, Tesla buyers in the United States are once again eligible for up to $7,500 in tax credits. The IRA was enacted in August of last year. After the carmaker sold its first 200,000 units in the US, an earlier tax advantage for Tesla owners expired.

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