Building A Business Off Only Two Tools!

Building A Business Off Only Two Tools!

These tools have helped me make a fortune. Think Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, then me…
But seriously, these tools have helped me so much in my work, and while they were expensive, they really have helped me grow my business by working more efficiently and allowing me to work on larger projects at my shop, and in the field. See below for links on where you can get these, and similar, cheaper tools like this. As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases:

NEW Make Everything Shirts:

Diablo Cermet 2 Metal Blade (comes in a few sizes)

M18 Metal Cutting Circular Saw:
Bare Tool:

Evolution Metal Cutting Saw (Much cheaper)

M18 Cordless Magnetic Drill

Fein Compact Magnetic Drill (I just got this one and its awesome)

Cheaper Evolution Magnetic Drill (I have this one and its excellent)

Really Cheap Magnetic drill (ive never tried this one)

Annular Cutter Kit

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