Come Home in Yourself – All-Access Pass for the Home in Myself Summit

Come Home in Yourself – All-Access Pass for the Home in Myself Summit
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Beauty Inside Out

with Bahar Farshchi and Floris Koot



Beauty Inside Out. What is it? If you have it, or see others have it, what is it they have? Can one get it, embrace it, develop it? How to overcome obstacles towards it? Is it convictions, emotional barriers, lack of purpose? And how does being home in yourself relate to inner beauty?

These and other questions we want to address!

And! We will be available to answer your questions via chattbox during the airing of the webinar.

We’d love to create a webinar after which you feel more beautiful, more close to self, more at peace than before.

We’ll offer a combination of our own journeys around this theme. By sharing some about our path to self acceptance and share from our work with individuals and groups and their struggles to get there.

We’ll also guide you through meditative, sensual and creative exercises during the webinar.

We’re looking forward to share and play! Bahar & Floris

Note: recommended to wear comfortable clothing and have some (creative) materials to express yourself with.

Bahar Farshchi Jamshidabady

Bahar Farshchi (34) is a therapist, teacher and dancer. She taught at Hogeschool Leiden, works as therapist with Focus training and artistic expression. She has 18 years of dance experience (5 rhythms, authentic movement, contact impro, movement medicine and ecstatic dance).

Her mission is to help people get in touch with their self healing capacity and their creative force of life. She’s sharp, soft and very compassionate in her work. She hugely values the inner wisdom of the body and knows many ways to help you get in touch with it.


Floris Koot

Floris Koot (1958, the Netherlands) studied Teacher of Dramatic Arts and Integral Psychology.

During his journey he worked in many creative professions, from actor to DJ, from illustrator to event design. His creativity and discoveries made him a new method developer who works in business, educational and spiritual settings. He is among others co-founder of Knowmads Business school Amsterdam and was involved in several other education startups.

Floris is a great workshop and process facilitator.

He focusses on aliveness in participants, helps them find their own answers amidst universal insights and see new possibilities. One of his business workshops is called “How to make money with your weaknesses?” in which self acceptance is a corner stone.



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