Comprehensive Christmas Nativity Play.

Comprehensive Christmas Nativity Play.
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All told, this Nativity Play Christmas Pageant is:   

Christmas Bullet PointA great entertainment!

Christmas Bullet PointInclusive of rare classical Christmas carols that your audience will be thrilled to hear again, plus a few delightful new ones to get excited about.

Christmas Bullet Point   Flexible. It gives you loads of assistance to perform a delightful Christmas Nativity Play Pageant this year, and gives you ideas on performing different versions every other time. Possibly make a tradition of it… No extra charge!


NativityPlay Shepherds

Christmas Bullet Point   We will show you ways to accommodate a large or small cast of characters and adapt to your allotted time without affecting the quality of your production.

Christmas Bullet Point  Whatever “version” of the Nativity Play you decide to present — long or short, full cast or minimal — you will get a complete list of cast, crew, materials, costume suggestion and stage preparation instructions, that you need to have a successful and delightful production of the NativityPlay.

Christmas Bullet Point   Most other Christmas plays only tell portions of the Nativity story or they tell “feel good” stories that have nothing to do with the Nativity of the Christ. Our Nativity Play absolutely, positively, delightfully, tells the complete Christ Nativity story of Christmas!

NativityPlay-GuaranteeNativityPlay-GuaranteeDon’t just take our word for it.

Try out the Nativity Play for yourself

with our guarantee.

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Go ahead, try the Christmas Nativity Play for yourself!

Get the entire Nativity Play package LISTED BELOW,

Check Out the Music, Read the Script and Rehearsal Notes.

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You will find this to be

a delightfully, entertaining and uncomplicated play to perform. 

If you find that it is not everything we say it is,

Simply request a refund from PayPal.

NativityPlay-AngelHere’s all that’s included in the NativityPlay:

Christmas Bullet Point Comprehensive list of Cast and Crew

Christmas Bullet Point Comprehensive Script of the NativityPlay

Christmas Bullet Point Sheet music for all Carols used in the NativityPlay, some with guitar chords

Christmas Bullet Point Separate List and Lyrics for each of the Carols used in the NativityPlay

Christmas Bullet Point Fabric Angel Wings design

Christmas Bullet Point Comprehensive Sequence and Rehearsal Notes

Christmas Bullet Point Assortment of other Classic and Contemporary Christmas Carols Lyrics

Christmas Bullet Point Comprehensive Outline of the NativityPlay and guide to present a successful play.

Plus… Get additional assistance for a bigger, more spectacular production with a NativityPlay Comprehensive Upgrade Package.

This is a highly recommended option for organizations, like a Church or School, that would like to invite/involve their local community and likely will have a large audience at their NativityPlay presentation.

Also, any organization, large or small, that wish to get up to speed fast with preparing for the play, could benefit from the NativityPlay COMPREHENSIVE UPGRADE which includes:

NativityPlay_Christmas_music_gift7 Administrative and Publicity documents, including Templates to quickly copy will help you secure permissions, commitments, and get the word out to your local community.

waving_santaHelpful last minute preps before the show — will help you keep it together and eliminate overwhelm!

music_note_imgPiano Music Accompaniment recorded from the same sheet music you receive — will help you quickly learn rare classical Carols that are a part of the play.

The sooner you order right now, the quicker you will gain access to the NativityPlay Complete Script, Production Notes, Carols Sheet Music, Piano Music Accompaniment,

and more … the whole “kit and caboodle!”

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To Order, Go Here Now: For NativityPlay Pricing And Sales

Options During Our Special Pricing Promotion!

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God bless you and a Very, Merry Christmas to you!


A Delightful, Musical, Christmas Nativity Play Pageant, in one Comprehensive Package.  

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P. S.     Don’t let another Christmas period pass by without a Nativity Play. Delight your audience with the Nativity Play this Christmas.

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P.P.S.    Remember you have our expert guidance that come from years of experience presenting this Christmas Nativity play.

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P.P.P.S.     Can you find another Christmas Nativity Play Pageant like ours that comes with everything you need and a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee?

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