COVID-19 And The Surrender of K‑12 Education

COVID-19 And The Surrender of K‑12 Education

If a face can launch a thousand ships, then the masked faces of K‑12 schoolchildren should launch a thousand class action lawsuits for developmental disabilities, educational loss, and emotional and psychological damages since 2020.   Even if those lawsuits are a longshot, however, Covid bullying has at least launched thousands of parents into action. Remote teaching has given them a window into the increasingly ideological lessons funded by their tax dollars. Parents are therefore seeking not only educational alternatives for their children but political alternatives to the enablers of the status quo. This is happening not only in local school board elections, but statewide elections (Virginia), and soon in the 2022 midterms. Americans may care about K‑12 education more than they have in many years, largely by asserting parental rights against centralization, bureaucratization, regulation, and subsidies. Asserting these rights should enable market-driven solutions to free educators, parents, and teachers from the status quo. Most importantly, it will mean that more children can reach their potential and good teac …

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