Discover how to think more creatively

Discover how to think more creatively
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creative mind powers

The ability
to think creatively and use your   creative
imagination to come up with original, new ideas and
innovative strategies is the secret of success in
everything you aim to achieve in life.

complete Guide to Creative Thinking”

This comprehensive  creative power  course,
divided into fifteen detailed instruction  modules,
reveals dozens of effective techniques and unusual ways
to develop your creative
imagination and reach your goals  in life.

     What is
creative imagination?

imagination is the ability to form  images of 
situations or conditions you’ve never actually
experienced, but which you are able to visualize quite clearly.

a mental faculty and an important life skill.  But
it’s a skill some people have developed to a
remarkable degree while others seem to have neglected

Creative imagination is

a distinguishing feature of all inventors,
original artists, successful movie directors,
creative writers, highly successful business people
and visionary leaders in every field.  

you examine the lives of  famous people

 who have
achieved notable success in their field and made
their mark in life, you’ll discover they managed to
do so because of the methods they used to achieve their
goals. They were more original and innovative than their

There are some who mistakenly believe creative
imagination is an inherited quality, like musical
ability, that  one is
fortunate to be born with.

envy others who have distinguished themselves and
made their mark in life and believe their success is
due to this rare gift.

But this is
certainly not the case.  Creative imagination is a
Like every skill it can be developed with
instruction and training.

Have you
achieved the life
goals you set yourself?

As an ambitious
person, determined  to
achieve success in your chosen field, you probably  set certain
goals for yourself.  You may also have set a time
limit to reach these goals.

If,  in
spite of your determination to succeed and 
  hard work, you haven’t been as successful
in your career as you wanted  to be,
have you any idea  why
this has  happened?

lack of success may be simply due to bad luck and 
circumstances  over which you had no control.  But it may also
be  because

there was nothing
unique or distinctive about your methods, strategies and
promotional ideas.

Perhaps the
marketing and  promotional methods you used  were very
much the same as  most of of your competitors
and rivals.

To achieve success 
and stand out from the crowd, you have to be  more
original, more distinctive, more creative in your
thinking than others.

This applies to whatever
field you are involved in. 

It applies to every form of business
activity, manufacturing,
marketing, every method of artistic expression, creative
writing, music,  theatre, sport….in fact  every field in
which people strive to achieve excellence, compete with
one another and are
rewarded for their  successful achievement

To achieve the
ambitious goals you set for yourself, it is important for you  to change
direction and follow a far more creative, original path.

How can this be done? 

“The Complete Guide to Creative
Thinking” Course will guide you – step by
step – and show  how to change the stereotype 
methods you’ve been using and view situations from a
completely different perspective.

You’ll discover how to  use  a vital, untapped
source of power buried in your subconscious – your creative
imagination –
to devise
innovative, resourceful, new ideas.

The Course will show you how to
develop  unusual,
distinctly different, original new ideas… and achieve all the
ambitious goals you have set yourself.

When you have completed

Course, you will be able to look at situations from a
completely different perspective.  You will  see
opportunities not apparent  to others.

Your new skills will
give you the competitive edge in your field.

The dozens of effective
techniques and unusual exercises in  this detailed
course will ignite your dormant creative spark and
stimulate your creative imagination. 

Another important feature of the
course is that it will show you how to make  full use of
your intuitive powers.

What is

Intuition can be
described as a wisdom and understanding unrelated to
experience or reasoning. 

Intuition  can be
compared to a sixth sense, an ability to know
instinctively what course of action to take based on a
mysterious source of inner knowledge.

Intuitive power and the
sixth sense  are  qualities  some people appear to
possess to a more marked degree than others, but they 
they are faculties that  can  definitely be developed.

Can you
learn to use your dormant  intuitive powers?

You definitely  can!   

Intuition is not a special
talent or gift that only a few are lucky enough to have.
It’s an important, basic psychological

It’s an
under-utilized, dormant talent most people never realize
they possess and few know how to use effectively.

This Course will reveal special
processes and techniques you can use to develop your
intuitive powers. 

This comprehensive
Creative Thinking Course examines this mysterious,
elusive quality of intuition in great depth and shows
you unusual ways to develop your natural intuitive

Here are only a
few of
the many  ways you are  going to benefit from this
information-packed, detailed 149 page CREATIVE MIND

You’ll discover ways  to take full
advantage of your  latent mental faculties that have been
dormant and under-utilized for years.  Your mind will begin to
over-flow with innovative, original ideas.


You’ll begin to understand the underlying meaning of
fairy tales,  myths and fables , and start to look at problems and difficult
issues  in a completely different, far more imaginative light.

The detailed
analysis of fairy tales will open up your
mind to the wide range of different ways to interpret


gain greater insight into the  creative process by learning
more about misunderstood  subjects like Alchemy.


You’ll  find out more about the attitude of 
the  famous psychologist Jung to this highly controversial 

You’ll discover unusual aspects about the
intriguing subject of “luck” and learn why some people appear to
have an extraordinary ability to attract good fortune.


mind will be stimulated by the discussion about the the highly
controversial subject of telepathy.

discover the truth about quartz crystals and “power” beads.


find out a great deal about the mysterious, age-old connection
between gold and spiritual values.


learn more about subjects  like extra-sensory perception,
“healing hands”,  “green fingers”
and   the secret life of plants, subjects about which
serious scientists have argued for years.


be intrigued by the amazing lessons to be learnt from birds and




Your creative  imagination and the
creative power you  can develop will help you become more
successful in  everything you attempt to achieve!

When you have completed this
Course here are some of the ways  your  newly developed 
creative power will help you.

be able to:


These are only a few of the
many ways your newly-developed creative powers will help  turn
your dreams of success into reality.

“The Complete Guide to
Creative Thinking”

available as an e-book that can be downloaded  immediately

The dozens of  clearly described, highly effective techniques will show you how
to think more  creatively.

You’ll be able to listen to your “inner voice” and make intuitive

This course
consists of 15 detailed Instruction modules.

Special techniques and precise
instructions to develop your creative powers are clearly
described, step-by-step.

Follow the
guidelines and innovative techniques, set out in  the e-book

Complete Guide to Creative Thinking”

You’ll soon develop the ability  to

situations in a completely different light and from a new and
original perspective.   You’ll be able to put
your creative ideas into immediate action.

Use these highly effective
techniques.  Creative ideas will  soon begin to flow from your
fertile imagination.  The goals you have set yourself will
become a reality.    

Achieve your true potential.
Live a life that is richer, fuller, more satisfying and more

ways to release the Creative Inner forces of your Mind creative mind powers

this  e-book Now!

“Creative Mind
Power – The Complete Guide to Creative Thinking”

Download it right away !  
Start using the techniques immediately.

An investment of
$39.95, payable by credit card, will give you access to
information that could make a huge difference to your life.   



by Credit Card or Paypal

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