Elon Broke AOC

Elon Broke AOC

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D‑NY) now wants to sell her Tesla, following a Twitter dustup with tech billionaire Elon Musk last month.

The socialist darling bought a Model 3 Tesla back in 2020, which now sell for about $46,990. But after Musk teased her online, she’s singing a different tune.

“At the time, it was the only EV that could get me from New York to Washington on like one, or one-and-a-half charges,” AOC told Bloomberg News this week. “I would love to switch.”

“He’s a billionaire. I could care less what he thinks,” Ocasio-Cortez said of Musk’s apparent support of the GOP.

“Ocasio-Cortez bought her Model 3 to travel between Washington and her Bronx-Queens district after Covid-19 hit in 2020,” the Bloomberg report noted. “Now, the New York representative wants to ditch it for an electric vehicle made by unionized workers.”

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