The amazing feats of human ingenuity that make up today’s rockets have their origins in the science and technology of the past. They are the inevitable results of literally thousands of years of study, trial, and exploration of rockets and rocket propulsion.

Following the Soviet Union and the United States, Blue Origin and SpaceX are the newest rivals in commercial space exploration. Will either of them rule the galaxy, though?

The space economy has undeniably become quite profitable, and with the growth of private enterprises in the sector, we could soon see exponential growth. However, the competition between SpaceX and Blue Origin may become the new norm.

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Although the fundamentals of rocketry were tested more than 2,000 years ago, it has only been during the last 70 years or so that we have constructed rockets to explore space.

Today, spacecraft are frequently sent into orbit by rockets, carrying cargo to the International Space Station or placing satellites in low-Earth orbit. Astronauts now frequently fly to and from the orbiting lab while carrying scientific experiments thanks to the expanding commercial space industry.
Reusable rockets that land on Earth automatically and are ready to be used again have even become more prevalent due to recent improvements.

And let’s take a closer look how the two rockets of the future compare! These are the heavy rockets known as New Glenn and Starship, which were produced by leading private aerospace firms Blue Origin and SpaceX.
One of humanity’s most expensive and time-consuming endeavors is space exploration. One mission to Low Earth Orbit in the 20th century cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, while the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions fully drained the US budget of tens of billions, yielding only a fleeting sense of pleasure from outpacing the USSR in the space race. But this was a useful lesson, and in the twenty-first century, space exploration was done very differently. The first commercial aerospace companies started to appear, putting an emphasis on the economic and scientific advantages of space exploration as well as the replacement of expensive and old spacecraft with more powerful and versatile rockets.

Starship vs New Glenn: The battle for Space

Just to refresh your memory, let’s assume it goes on for 20 years, and it involves a conflict between two radically dissimilar strategies for space exploration. Blue Origin selected space travel, whereas SpaceX first focused on the delivery of cargo into orbit. In the end, both businesses produced amazing achievements, but it’s time to merge strategies to produce even better results. The development of reusable space systems began in this manner. Not only to near-Earth orbits, but also to the Moon and Mars, these systems are capable of delivering goods and astronauts.

The Starship design was first presented by SpaceX on September 29, 2017. Elon Musk, the eccentric inventor, gave his future creation the name BFR (Big Fucking Rocket), but a year later, the term Starship, which more accurately captured the ship’s character, was chosen.
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Blue Origin, tends to use names with more traditional meanings. Adding the prefix “New,” he gives his rockets names that are inspired by well-known astronauts.

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