Elon Musk EXPOSED This Cosmic Blast That NASA Was HIDING!

Elon Musk  EXPOSED This Cosmic Blast That NASA Was HIDING!

Elon Musk EXPOSED This Cosmic Blast That NASA Was HIDING!

Our journey on planet Earth appears to be a relatively safe alternative when compared to being burned on Mercury, choked on Venus, or frozen on Pluto. In the past, though, life in here has been dangerous.

From the worst mass extinctions to the most pervasive ice eras, close calls with extraterrestrial dangers may be to blame for some of the worst natural disasters the planet has ever experienced. Whether it’s massive clouds of engulfing dust or magnetic neutron stars, astronomers disagree on which hazard is the biggest, but most believe that the world is still on an unnerving roller coaster. As Elon Musk discusses the biggest astronomical dangers to life on Earth, fasten your seat belts and take a deep breath.

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According to a new theory that contends huge bursts of space radiation may have contributed to some of our planet’s biggest extinction events, the survival of life on Earth may depend on enormous explosions on the other side of the galaxy.

According to Musk, massive amounts of high-energy gamma ray radiation can be released into space during the explosions, which are gamma-ray bursts that are theorized to result from the collision of two stars. According to the study’s findings, these explosions may be a factor in the ozone layer’s loss from the Earth. The ozone layer is damaged, allowing UV radiation to reach the Earth’s surface and mutate species’ genes.

Currently, scientists are starting to link the timing of these gamma-ray bursts to extinctions on Earth that can be dated by looking at the fossil record.

“We discover that a form of gamma-ray burst, a brief gamma-ray burst, is probably more relevant than a longer gamma-ray burst,” study author Brian Thomas of Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, said in a statement. “The amount of radiation, not the period, is more significant.”

There are two types of gamma-ray bursts: a longer, brighter burst and a “short-hard” burst, which is brighter and lasts for less than a second yet appears to emit more radiation, Musk explained.

The impacts on Earth would be much more enduring if such a burst occurred inside the Milky Way. These radiation bursts cause free oxygen and nitrogen atoms to collide as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, and some of these collisions result in the formation of nitrous oxides, which deplete the ozone layer. In the atmosphere, nitrous oxides have a lengthy half-life and continue to degrade ozone until they precipitate as rain.

The short bursts could be the result of collisions between stars, like those between massive neutron stars or black holes. These star collisions are likely to occur once per 100 million years in any given galaxy, according to the astronomers’ best estimate. At this pace, Earth would have experienced several of these short but powerful occurrences over the span of its 4.5-billion-year history.

Our planet’s life may be negatively impacted by the ozone layer being destroyed in a number of ways. The effects of radiation blasts on the world’s animals and vegetation might have a devastating impact on the planet’s food webs and potentially trigger mass extinction events.
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