Elon Musk FINALLY CONFIRMED Starship's Launch Date!

Elon Musk FINALLY CONFIRMED Starship's Launch Date!

Elon Musk FINALLY CONFIRMED Starship’s Launch Date!

SpaceX will once again aim for a morning liftoff for its enormous Starship rocket, which is getting close to launch for the second time. And so, when is the confirmed date? Let’s find out!

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SpaceX is currently in the last stages of preparation for the flight of Booster 9 and Ship 25, which center on obtaining the necessary regulatory approval in order to schedule a launch. The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is finalizing the Endangered Species Act Biological Assessment, the last piece of the FAA’s launch license, and as a result, the anticipated launch date has been pushed back to around the middle of November.

With a successful Wet Dress Rehearsal under its belt, SpaceX has finished the majority of the prelaunch preparation for the next full stack vehicle to fly out of Starbase.

When the rocket was finally unloaded, all eyes turned to the FAA for final approval of the launch authorization so SpaceX could schedule the launch. While this week’s FAA update confirmed completion of the safety review component of the license evaluation, final approval is still pending completion of the FWS environmental review component.

“The FAA is continuing to work on the environmental study. An revised Biological Assessment under the Endangered Species Act is being discussed between the FAA and the USFWS as part of the FAA’s environmental review, as stated in the announcement.

Until the FAA and USFWS have finished evaluation, the environmental review of the license evaluation cannot proceed.

Launch on November 6 would have been possible if the regulatory process had been finalized by now, as evidenced by the paperwork. During the first test flight of Starship, SpaceX demonstrated their ability to prepare for launch within a matter of days once they receive clearance. With the final element needing to be completed, a target of mid-November becomes a more plausible aspiration.

Increased FWS activity at the launch site, including a sizable contingent on Thursday, has bolstered expectations that this approval will be granted in the near future.

It was around the same time that SpaceX decided to place Ship 25 on Booster 9 for an entire day before removing it. As this stacking had not been planned, SpaceX decided without posting a photo of it on X, as they normally do after each stack. There has been no formal explanation for the brief restack.

The path to launch will entail a number of things, and that’s assuming SpaceX doesn’t decide to undertake another short restack in the next several days.

First, the FWS will advise the FAA they have finished its environmental evaluation, allowing the latter to issue confirmation the launch license has been issued.

To guarantee public safety in the case of a malfunction, SpaceX will work with local authorities to establish an exclusion zone, within which media will be granted accreditation that should not be made public.

After the Launch Readiness Review is complete, SpaceX is expected to officially announce the launch date goal, which will be followed by the final processing at the pad, including restocking the Tank Farm and arming the Flight Termination System (FTS) on Ship 25.

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