Elon Musk Just ANNOUNCED: Starship Is Ready To Launch

Elon Musk Just ANNOUNCED: Starship Is Ready To Launch

Elon Musk Just ANNOUNCED: Starship Is Ready To Launch

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, stated that from his perspective, the company’s Starship rockets are prepared to fly as another one stands completely integrated against the horizon in South Texas. Musk announces that the Starship is prepared for its second test flight after stacking. However, is it cleared by the FAA? How soon is the Starship FT2? Let’s find out in todays episode!

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Since April 20, SpaceX has brought a fully stacked Starship rocket back to Starbase by rolling out Ship 25 to the launch site and stacking it on top of Super Heavy Booster 9.

In preparation of this stacking, Ship 25 has undergone a number of significant modifications that should have the ship prepared for flight. Now, subject to regulatory approval, SpaceX is focusing on finishing up preparations for Starship’s second test flight.

After being rolled back from the launch site on August 5th, Ship 25 has been sitting at Starbase’s Rocket Garden for the past month.

Following that, the vehicle has undergone numerous modifications in addition to the final flight preparations that included the installation of thermal protection system (TPS) tiles on its nosecone and the application of its new livery.

There was more work to be done than first thought, as evidenced by its prolonged stay and the slow installation of TPS tiles. Images of the leeward side of the ship taken up close reveal that SpaceX has been quite busy making a number of last-minute adjustments to the most recent Starship prototype.

One of these improvements entails the addition of extra charges for the vehicle’s flight termination system (FTS). The autonomous FTS on both stages of Starship’s first flight was activated when the rocket lost control and deviated from its intended path.

The charges, as explained by CEO Elon Musk a few days after launch, were not strong enough to separate each stage as intended. This new improvement was already put into place on Booster 9 a few months ago, and it is hoped that by adding extra explosive charges to each vehicle, they will in fact shatter apart if this system needs to be used during flight.

On the aft portion of Ship 25, directly above the engine shield, teams have also constructed what appears to be a new set of apertures or vents. These vents are located near the rear end of the vehicle, similar to the vent system on Booster 9. These vents on Booster 9 are thought to be a component of a carbon dioxide (CO2) purge system that stops fires from starting in the engine compartment of the vehicle and spreading throughout the entire vehicle.

Fires could be observed clearly in between the booster engines during Starship’s first flight, which suggests that this problem was also present. The loss of control of the vehicle less than two minutes into the flight may have been partially caused by this fire.

SpaceX probably wants to make sure that no vehicle control is lost during flight due to an engine fire and that all of the crucial hardware in the engine section is preserved as much as possible. This is why Ship 25 now has these new vents as well.

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