Elon Musk Just BACKED UP These Claims That NASA Keep On Denying!

Elon Musk Just BACKED UP These Claims That NASA Keep On Denying!

Elon Musk Just BACKED UP These Claims That NASA Keep On Denying!

Despite our long-standing fascination in the moon, only recently have we been able to conduct extensive close-up investigations of the satellite. Despite the sophistication of our tools, there hasn’t been complete transparency because reputable agencies like NASA have been found to be concealing some moon-related discoveries, according to former NASA officials.

So, what is NASA keeping secret about the odd finds on the moon, and what are these former NASA officials saying? And so, let’s check it out as the SpaceX CEO Elon Musk leaked recently how a former NASA official proves that the agency isn’t telling the truth about this discovery.

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As we all know, NASA picks SpaceX to land next Americans on the Moon. Elon Musk’s SpaceX receives a $1.15 billion contract from NASA for the second Artemis moon lander. And with this most awaited event, Moon anomalies are getting much attention online. And so, let’s take a closer look!

Are people the only intelligent beings to have set foot on the moon? It is understandable why NASA would prefer you to think this, as if the contrary were to turn out to be true, the agency’s track record of putting the first man in citation would be destroyed. The official government account of events, as we are all aware, is not always accurate.

What if NASA is concealing a civilization that has visited or now resides on the moon? After a succession of discoveries by looking through ancient images from NASA’s archive, that is the issue that many amateur astronomers have been pondering.

On the subject of lunar findings, it’s interesting to note that former NASA officials have revealed that the agency is releasing limited information. Because it existed hundreds of years before NASA, the concept of a lunar civilization is actually more expansive. For instance, the publishing of Galileo’s telescoping Moon observations had a tremendous impact on our comprehension of life elsewhere in the universe. The idea that the moon was a real location, a world like Earth, suggested that it might be inhabited by creatures like ourselves.

In a similar vein, English Bishop John Wilkins stated in 1638’s The Discovery of a World in the Moon that it is likely that this other world has inhabitants. In the same year, another Englishman entered the moon occupation fray by writing about a trip to a habitable moon. Despite being a fiction, it certainly made people ponder if there were Moon people. With a series of six pieces detailing the discovery of diverse species of organisms inhabiting the moon in 1835, the New York Sun, however, took it to a whole new level.

Dr. Andrew Grant’s articles covered fresh findings made by the eminent astronomer John Herschel. Herschel reportedly observed moon life that resembles bison goats, unicorns, and diminutive beavers, according to the stories. The finding of human-like bat creatures who had constructed temples on the moon, perhaps, was the most astounding finding. Due to these reports, The New York Sun garnered a great deal of attention. As the potential of visiting the moon became a reality in the 20th century with the Apollo missions, people from all over the world were interested in learning more about its habitants.

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