Elon Musk Just BASHED By Donald Trump!

Elon Musk Just BASHED By Donald Trump!

Elon Musk Just BASHED By Donald Trump!

Donald Trump made a statement that created a heck! What did he say? What is its significance? How will it affect you? Let us find out. Hello friends, welcome back to Elon Musk evolution. Today, we are back here again with exciting yet informative news. So, what is this exciting news? Donald Trump made a statement about Elon Musk. though he said a lot of things there was something that created a sense of misbelieving among people. What was the line? It has been heard that Donald trump bashed

Elon Musk as a bull***t artist. What was the reason behind saying this thing and what else he was saying about him? Today, we are here to discuss all these things. So, let us start with the video. Before that, tell us in the comment box what you guys think about Elon Musk. Also, subscribe to our channel if you haven’t yet and hit the bell icon to watch more videos like this. Let us start with the video.

Donald Trump was present in Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday night to serve as the keynote speaker at a rally in support of Sarah Palin’s campaign for Congress and Kelly Tshibaka’s campaign to challenge Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary. The rally was held in support of Sarah Palin’s campaign for Congress and Kelly Tshibaka’s campaign to challenge Lisa Murkowski in the primary. Kelly Tshibaka is running against Lisa Murkowski.

During her time serving in the Senate, the former president believes that Lisa Murkowski has not been as loyal as she ought to have been. This is according to the opinion of the former president. According to him, she has not been as loyal as she should have been in this situation. When Donald Trump took the stage a little after 4:00 p.m., local time, he immediately began a relentless attack on Senator Lisa Murkowski. He continued this attack until he left the stage.

Even Alaska’s other Republican senator, Dan Sullivan, whom he criticized for having the audacity to support Murkowski, was called out by him for his support of Murkowski. He said that Sullivan should be ashamed of himself for supporting Murkowski. After that, Trump continued, “Murkowski is a nasty guy.” “Dan Sullivan has every right to feel ashamed of himself, considering what he has done. His actions warrant that feeling.”

On the other hand, as is the case with all of the rallies held in support of Trump, the primary focus was on Trump himself as well as his policies. He reviewed his four years in government while setting out everything that has to be done if he or his minions return to power. He did this so that the audience might prepare for the worst. He did this so that the audience would be able to mentally prepare themselves for the worst-case scenario.

He was able to pull off this accomplishment without ever letting go of his hold on his breath. Trump, on the other hand, was especially pleased to promote Truth Social, his brand-new social media site, which he referred to as “hot as a gun.” Trump’s promotion of Truth Social was particularly enthusiastic. The enthusiasm with which Trump promoted Truth Social was particularly noteworthy.

On Friday, it was reported that the multibillionaire Elon Musk wants to back out of his historic deal to acquire the preeminent social media platform Twitter. Before the release of this piece of information, the platform’s nascent effort to compete with Twitter had been struggling to gain traction, but the publication of this piece of news gave it new life and a new lease on competing with Twitter.

Before a month had passed, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he had voted for the Republican candidate Mayra Flores, who is a follower of the QAnon movement.

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