Elon Musk Just EXPOSED A Terrifying Discovery In 2022 That NASA Is Hiding!

Elon Musk Just EXPOSED A Terrifying Discovery In 2022 That NASA Is Hiding!

Elon Musk Just EXPOSED A Terrifying Discovery In 2022 That NASA Is Hiding!

According to Musks, in 2022, hundreds of new reports were received by the Pentagon’s new unit for looking into possible UFO sightings; while it can account for more than half of those events, a large portion remains a mystery.Are we alone in the universe? is one of the most intriguing and pressing issues for humanity, and as a result, the search for extraterrestrial life has become crucial to comprehending our own place in the universe.

In this episode, we are going to explore the hundreds of fresh incidents that have been uncovered in a newly released, declassified US government report on UFO sightings by the US military.

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According to Musk, though until 2017 the US government formally refrained from looking into UAPs. In this subject matter, some countries had always been in the lead.The South American nation of Chile is at the forefront of UAP research. the formal directive issued by the Chilean government to air traffic in 1997 to establish the committee for the investigation of unusual airborne occurrences, military and commanding officers were involved. The committee investigates each and every report of UAP activity by commercial military and civilian pilots. A shocking occurrence that occurred in 2014 received a lot of media attention and was one of the most terrifying. While flying around Santiago’s coast, Chilean naval officers recorded footage of a UAP.

A military helicopter caught video of an unusual thing in an incident that happened in 2014. With some sort of smoke behind it, it resembled a rocket in some ways. And they claimed that their altitude was around 4500 feet. There is a nine-minute video on this that is relatively clear. In spite of two years of study, the Chilean military was unable to discern this at all.

Like many South American nations, Chile appears to be much more accepting of the notion that extraterrestrial objects could enter our planet. The fact that the UFO and alien subject is a part of their inherited culture is one of the reasons why South American nations are more accepting of it.
In reality, Bolivia and Peru are a gold mine for the idea of ancient astronauts. These luminous beings that descended from the sky were mentioned throughout the entire pre-Inca society and even in the Inca culture. These nations effectively blew up as a result of this inherent understanding of anyone in the sky. UFO sightings in Brazil have a long history of being quite dramatic. Perhaps Uruguay as well, but nobody in the world seemed to care. Other regions of the world are now beginning to provide information regarding UFOs, in addition to South America.

Governments are openly looking into interactions that have been reported by both military personnel and civilians.

The most notable nation to join this international endeavor, according to many experts, is also one of the most skeptical, particularly Japan. A definitive denial of UFOs by the Japanese government was made public in 2018. The highest ranking members of the defense departments in Japan have long rejected the existence of UFOs. showed a general disdain of the UFO topic, thus demonstrating a lack of interest in UFOs.

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