Elon Musk Just FOUND The Perfect Formula For A SemiSolid Lithium Battery

Elon Musk Just FOUND The Perfect Formula For A SemiSolid Lithium Battery

Elon Musk Just FOUND The Perfect Formula For A SemiSolid Lithium Battery
Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has pledged to make significant changes to the way his company manufactures the batteries that power its stationary energy storage systems and electric automobiles. It is currently working to create more affordable, energy-dense lithium-ion cells of the next generation. But he is not acting alone in this endeavor. Big rivals like General Motors, China’s BYD and CATL, as well as aspirational Norwegian startup Freyr, all have their own breakthrough battery ambitions. And so, in today’s episode, let’s find out how Elon Musk’s team found the perfect formula for a “semisolid” lithium battery.

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Are solid-state batteries really the upcoming big thing in the energy transition? The potential is obvious as a technology that can extend the range of electric vehicles (EVs), enable fast charging, and improve safety. Although solid-state technology has remained promising for more than a decade, there have been few indications of considerable success. Semi-solid batteries are a novel hybrid technology that could render solid-state obsolete before it even got off the ground.

What, then, does semi-solid possess that solid-state does not?
But, what is a SemiSolid Lithium-ion battery?

A flow battery that incorporates solid species in the fluid that carries the energy is called a semi-solid flow battery since it uses solid battery active elements. It’s intriguing that the lithium-ion battery materials used by the Tesla research team in this concept’s development. In this kind of system, the negative electrode (anode) and the positive electrode (cathode) are both made out of carbon black and active material particles suspended in a liquid electrolyte.

It’s no secret that semi-solid lithium-ion batteries are a constantly popular topic. Here, we uncover the facts regarding this battery, including its pricing trend and its potential role in batteries of the future. So wait and watch to learn what makes the semi-solid lithium-ion battery such a hot topic.

The Tesla research team asserts that it has achieved a breakthrough in the production of semi-solid lithium-ion battery cells with an energy density greater than 350Wh per kilogram. As opposed to injecting the electrolyte into a slurry, the idea of integrating the active components in the electrolytes together before producing the cell is regarded to be a more effective method for creating cells.

Unlike other technologies, which use solvent to sort of deposit material, throw it all up, and then inject the electrolyte at the end, we incorporate it at the beginning. Without a doubt, they combine the cathode and anode separately so they can inject a different electrolyte into the anode (known as acolyte) or the cathode (known as catholyte).
In addition to allowing ions to pass, the separation also allows the electrolytes to do so. Keeping them apart gives you a wide range of alternatives for electrolytes to choose from and allows you to design each battery for a different strategy.

At the end of this year, Tesla will debut its first pilot production line. This method of developing lithium batteries with high energy density will provide ways to adjust the electrolyte, improve the voltage, and build quick charge, low discharge technologies.

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