Elon Musk Just LAUNCHED A Reactor That SHOCKS China!

Elon Musk Just LAUNCHED A Reactor That SHOCKS China!

Elon Musk Just LAUNCHED A Reactor That SHOCKS China!

Is anyone capable of revolutionizing nuclear power in the same way that Elon Musk did with electric vehicles and spacecraft? If nuclear power can solve all of the issues, we can prevent global warming while also delivering riches to underdeveloped nations. And what is Elon Musk’s take about nuclear reactors? Let’s find out!

A historically divisive energy source, nuclear power, has recently received praise from some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known technologists as a way to reduce carbon emissions and wean the globe off controversial Russian gas.

Elon Musk, a multibillionaire businessman, claimed on Twitter that nuclear energy is “essential” to national security but that the risk of radiation is exaggerated. Moreover, venture entrepreneur Marc Andreessen demanded that “1,000 brand-new, cutting-edge nuclear power reactors be built immediately in the United States and Europe.”

In the startup community, where billionaires like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Peter Thiel have opened their wallets to support next-generation nuclear enterprises, the battle sparked a sentiment that has been growing in previous years. None of the startups developing advanced reactors have yet created an operational commercial product, but some people think that the convergence of technological advancements and a renewed urgency to abandon fossil fuels could be a catalyst for the industry, which has largely been mired in regulatory limbo since the 1970s.

According to Josh Freed, a climate and energy expert at the Washington-based public policy think tank Third Way, “we wouldn’t be having a conversation about innovation in nuclear power today without the investment and thinking of the leaders of Silicon Valley.”

According to Musk, there are various issues with nuclear power today that needs fixing:
Long building period: A reactor takes an average of 7 years to build
However, it is significantly longer in the West. In Finland, Olkiluoto 3 has been in development for seventeen years.

Extremely expensive — Around £100 per megawatt hour, which is usually twice as much as wind power. A minimum of €11 billion was spent on Olkiluoto 3.

Security — Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima have instilled fear of nuclear power in the public.

Storage of Nuclear Waste: What are our options for managing nuclear waste? This issue continues to be controversial.

Fixing nuclear energy therefore entails developing rapid, low-cost, safe plants without a nuclear waste issue, Musk stated. If you can do it, you will have a huge source of clean energy. In contrast to wind and solar power, nuclear power can produce energy anytime you need it and produces enormous amounts of power on a little area. Additionally, it does not emit any CO2 unlike gas and coal-fired power stations.

Thus, this holy grail of sustainable energy production is currently being sought after by various businesses. In this video, we will investigate potential Elon Musk replacements from the nuclear startup sector. By that, we mean someone who employs tactics akin to those Elon Musk employed to change the automobile and rocket industries.

That requires knowledge of both the nuclear startup scene as well as the specific Elon Musk formula for success. What kind of companies exist, and what do they do?

In general, nuclear startup businesses can be divided into two categories:
Governments and businesses are attempting to build fusion reactors that burn hydrogen to produce electricity. These don’t melt down and produce almost any radioactive waste.

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