Elon Musk Just LEAKED A HUGE Upgrade Of The Starship 25!

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A HUGE Upgrade Of The Starship 25!

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A HUGE Upgrade Of The Starship 25!

During the second launch of its full-scale Starship mega-rocket, SpaceX will introduce a number of enhancements. These modifications include a significant adjustment to the way the rocket’s two stages separate, enhancements to the propulsion system, and a strengthened launch site in South Texas that should be more resistant to the blast from 33 main engines. And those we will find out in today’s episode!

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Engine testing for Ship 25, the ship that will launch on Starship’s second launch, has already begun two months after the program’s first integrated test flight. At the same time, SpaceX is nearing completion of the foundation work required at the orbital launch mount (OLM), from which Super Heavy and Starship are scheduled to launch once more no sooner than August. On Wednesday, Ship 25 tested the Spin Prime.

The renovation and modernization of Starbase’s production facilities for Starship is also progressing well. This has resulted in yet another change to the company’s plans for Starship in Florida.

SpaceX teams have completed the engine test campaign for the Ship 25 successfully in order to get ready for the second Starship integrated flight test. This set of tests, which includes anything from a spin prime test to a six-engine static fire test of the vehicle’s Raptor engines, is intended to qualify the vehicle for that flight.

Small adjustments were made to the ship’s interior tank structure and engine shielding prior to this test campaign based on the lessons acquired during the first flight. To achieve this, the SpaceX LR11000 crane was fastened to Ship 25’s nosecone in order to give its tanks structural integrity.

The aft flaps were unfastened after all the work was finished, and the crane was detachably connected to the ship. Propellers were loaded onto the vehicle on the first test day, June 14, in preparation for the spin prime test that was scheduled for that day. This test simulates the start-up sequence of the engine without using any actual ignition by turning up the engine oxidizer pump to full power.

The truck was detanked, nevertheless, as the test was about to start. On Wednesday, the test was finally finished after a fresh effort.

Several spin prime tests were carried out before the static fire testing was completed.  The ship improvements should be evaluated and the engines certified for flight in a matter of weeks, at the most.

Working with OLM rebar and imminent concrete pour

Without a launch platform from which the entire Starship stack could launch, none of Ship 25’s testing would be worthwhile. Super Heavy Booster 7’s 30 operational engines drilled a huge hole beneath the OLM during liftoff of the first integrated test flight of Starship.

The first pictures of it showed a dramatic scenario and indicated that the SpaceX teams will have some challenging repair work ahead of them. In order to strengthen the soil, reinforcements were inserted deeply into the earth and the hole was covered over the course of the previous two months.

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