Elon Musk Just LEAKED A Lithium-Free Battery That Will Change Everything!

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A Lithium-Free Battery That Will Change Everything!

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A Lithium-Free Battery That Will Change Everything!
Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, enjoys making bold claims and igniting our interest in the cutting-edge technologies he is developing. However, the tech mogul has recently hinted that nuclear-powered electric vehicles may come next following the Tesla investor day. So let’s investigate the viability of this novel battery technology further.

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There is a growing market for lithium-free batteries made of various (and less precious) metals. Many consider them to be a feasible alternative to the current lithium-ion battery technology, which is criticized for its relatively poor energy storage scale capacity, issues with the global availability of lithium, comparatively high pricing, and several safety concerns.

There have been examples of non-lithium batteries with high energy densities and good economic viability. The next few years should see considerable advancements for this new battery generation, which should enable it to soon realistically compete with commercial lithium-ion batteries.

A number of metals have been suggested as lithium substitutes, including zinc, magnesium, calcium, and aluminum.

Moving Beyond Lithium

Market expansion for lithium-ion batteries has been and remains to be brisk. By 2025, the market, which was only $30 billion in 2017, will be projected to have climbed to $100 billion.

In computers, mobile devices, and a wide range of other consumer electronics, lithium-ion batteries are virtually always used. Over the past few decades, these products have propelled lithium-ion’s growth by being widely used.

Additionally, this increase might be attributed to the instantaneous increase in battery electric car sales and usage, which almost exclusively make use of lithium-ion battery systems. On the other hand, growing energy storage and transportation requirements from national electric grids and renewable power projects, as well as increased electrification in all industries, also contribute to the increase in lithium demand.

But in the coming years, this expansion is probably going to decrease or stop due to a number of disadvantages associated with lithium-ion batteries. These mostly have to do with industrial applications that need extensive energy storage options.

In comparison to alternatives like nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-based batteries typically have a 40% higher manufacturing cost.
Compared to batteries manufactured of other metals, the discharge capacity of lithium-ion batteries tends to degrade more quickly. This is brought on by corrosion, dendrite development, and overheating.

Lithium-ion batteries also present significant health and safety risks that are connected to these issues. Because of a buildup of gasses around the electrolyte, mobile phone batteries and even electric car batteries have occasionally burst without warning.

In addition, lithium is a rather uncommon substance on Earth. The sharp price increase for the substance is already a result of the depletion of lithium stocks in mines all around the world, and this will only become worse as there is less lithium available.

The hunt for lithium substitutes has been active in industry and academics for the last few decades as a result of these issues.

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