Elon Musk Just LEAKED A Long Shot Drone Under Testing!

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A Long Shot Drone Under Testing!

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A Long Shot Drone Under Testing!

Is Elon Musk has Ukraine and the future of the world at his mercy? That is now the big question after he admits he refused government’s request to take down Russian ship. Likewise, are drones in modern war evolutionary or revolutionary? Let’s dig all the answers in todays episode!

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Charity is a heartless, icy-cold concept. Rich people should gladly pay their taxes instead of giving money to the needy on a whim if they wish to aid the poor.

Clement Attlee, the post-war Labour Prime Minister of Great Britain, is often credited as saying these remarks. Attlee established the welfare state and NATO as well as laid the groundwork for the security of the British people. He was trying to make a point about how charity is a shaky safety net. These concerns have been personified in Elon Musk’s “charity” toward Ukraine, most recently in his refusal to block a Ukrainian mission to destroy Russian vessels berthed in Sevastopol that had been annexed. Ships from which cruise missiles are fired at Odesa, Mykolayiv, and a number of other vibrant and stunning Ukrainian cities.
Many allies of Ukraine have voiced concern about Musk’s choice given the destruction and terror caused by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. However, this wrath is mistaken. The most ridiculous aspect is not Musk’s decision, which he is free to make as a private individual and the owner of Starlink. Rather, the issue is that Ukraine has been left at the mercy of one man’s whims and what he decides to consider as good or wrong.

To put it plainly, Musk shouldn’t be able to control the outcome of the conflict with this much influence. If so, there is an issue with how Western economy and national security interact, as well as with how slowly the West has responded to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

A strong economy ensures political influence in an oligarchy. In Russia, where the contrary is paradoxically true, the phrase is frequently used to describe riches, which is mostly dependent on political prestige.
The premise that if London or Cyprus accepted the wealth and mistresses of Russian elites, it would give the West influence over Russian politics was fatally flawed in this regard.

The extremely wealthy don’t control politics in Russia. In the end, the Kremlin has their personal and business interests in mind. As a result, the vast majority of Russia’s wealthy people refuse to criticize Putin and frequently continue to support the Russian military campaign, showing little concern for the slain Ukrainian children.

In various ways, things are different in the West. Those who are extremely wealthy are practically certain to have political power; if not through the donation-based political system, then by the acquisition of vital services and infrastructure, notably in the developing tech industry. Both for and against the nation’s defence, this authority is being used in the conflict with Ukraine.

Musk agreed to provide Starlink technology just a few days after Russia’s full-scale invasion in answer to a request from Mikhaylo Fedorov, the Ukrainian minister of infrastructure, to guarantee Ukrainians have dependable internet access and communications. Since it was turned on, Starlink has been essential for both the military and the general public.

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