Elon Musk Just LEAKED A New Rocket Engine That Will Get Us To Mars In 39 Days!

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A New Rocket Engine That Will Get Us To Mars In 39 Days!

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A New Rocket Engine That Will Get Us To Mars In 39 Days!

Ever wonder what the future of space travel might be like? In a lot of science fiction tales, humans have colonized planets and asteroids all around the solar system. This is not simple to execute in real life, at least not with the technology we have at present time, given the hundreds of millions of miles that separate us from even the closest orbital bodies. But, with Elon Musk preparing for the first orbital of Starship, we are remarkably getting closer. If this is successful this will be another historical milestone in space exploration. And the SpaceX team is not stopping from here coz recently the tech billionaire just leaked a new rocket engine that will get us to Mars in as fast as 39 days. What could this be? Let’s find out!

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Even the journey to Mars, our nearest neighbor, is expected to take 7 months, according to NASA. This is why science fiction authors frequently design strong propulsion systems for their spacecrafts, such as warp drives, Epstein drives, and hyperdrives, that enable people to travel great distances in days or minutes as opposed to months or years. Due to the limits of conventional rocketry, these typical flight times are necessary. Yet, cutting-edge technology that seems like it belongs in a science fiction movie is now emerging and could eventually replace traditional rockets entirely. These month-long flying periods might be reduced to a matter of days thanks to its increased efficiency.

Moreover, there are several examples of the technology being used in space missions right now even if the technology is still in development. What kind of technology is this? Ionized engines. And with them, the future may be far closer than you realize.

To start with, what exactly is an ion engine for those who are unfamiliar? And how do they differ from the traditional rockets we are familiar with today? The conservation of momentum is the guiding concept for all rocketry. If you want to move higher, you must launch something else with sufficient downward momentum to match your desired upward motion. Rocket fuel is burned in conventional chemical rockets to accomplish this. A chemical like liquid methane gets heated and expanded when oxidizer is mixed with it.

Similar to releasing the air from within a balloon to send it zooming about the room, the bottom of the rocket shoots out this stream of highly energetic exhaust, which sends the top of the rocket flying upwards. In these situations, momentum is conserved. In our balloon example, the air’s momentum leaving the balloon is equal to the momentum of the balloon’s motion. With the rocket, the upward force of the rocket is equal to the momentum of the exhaust.

Theoretically, all you would need is a very enormous balloon that you could just blow up to go into space. Yet using this approach would provide a challenge. Very shortly, you would exhaust all of your air, rendering you unable to continue producing thrust. Rocket propulsion with balloons is not particularly effective. This is a part of the issue with our chemical rockets right now as well.

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