Elon Musk Just LEAKED A New Tesla Motor For 2025

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A New Tesla Motor For 2025

Elon Musk Just LEAKED A New Tesla Motor For 2025
At their recent Investor Day, Tesla recently revealed information about the new powertrain design that will be used in their upcoming vehicles. However, in a recent report it shows that Tesla may have already switched to a hairpin stator design for the Model 3/Y vehicles leaving their new factories. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y now use partial variants of their next generation powertrains, which suggests that they are probably certainly already in production. And so, in today’s episode we will share everything we know about this technology? How efficient it is and why Tesla has adopted this technology? Stay tuned!

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The rear drive units of the Model Y and Model 3 were troublesome for many Tesla owners. On cars produced at Giga Texas and probably other gigafactories, a new version of the drive unit is now installed. What was modified for the fourth generation is evident from a recent teardown.

It’s entertaining to see how people feel about Tesla, a company they both adore and despise. Despite several complaints, many people claim to still adore their cars. Many people still adore the brand despite issues with manufacturing and quality control as well as inept Service Center staff. Some people, most likely those who don’t even own a Tesla, simply despite everything about Tesla without any justification.

We must acknowledge that construction quality is not always high, and many automobiles are delivered with misaligned body panels, improperly installed parts, and other problems. Most of them are resolved after the delivery. Even a badly built car can be driven for many years without experiencing any problems. Even still, shoddy construction points to more serious manufacturing faults that may develop into issues in the future. One such is the dreaded rear motor failure that numerous Model 3 and Model Y owners have lamented.

The fact that Tesla has been producing drive units for a while makes this a fascinating problem. By now, issues should have been resolved, right? Tesla’s goal to reduce costs cannot, however, be disregarded. A poor engineering choice could occasionally necessitate expensive repairs. Automobile recalls are therefore commonplace. Although Tesla has not yet issued a drive unit recall, we do know that it has altered the design of its rear drive unit multiple times.

When the Model Y constructed at Giga Texas was disassembled, it was discovered that Tesla is currently using the fourth version of the rear drive unit. In theory, this ought to resolve the issues that users of the earlier units had. The new unit appears to be more effective, simpler to produce, and potentially less expensive thanks to Tesla. It also added a brand-new inverter with greater safety measures that is also more efficient and small. Tesla uses infrared sensors rather than temperature sensors to gauge the temperature of different inverter components.

The new drive unit features a new oil filter cartridge that is not user replaceable, which is the first thing that stands out. This would suggest that it will clear the cooling fluid of small particles from the unit for the duration of the car.

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