Elon Musk Just LOST Starlink Satellites Due To Solar Flare!

Elon Musk Just LOST Starlink Satellites Due To Solar Flare!

A geomagnetic storm is on the rise, and SpaceX just revealed a really sad news regarding this. According to the SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, the company will lose up to 40 of the 49 Starlink satellites it launched last week as the result of this storm. Part of Musk’s mega constellation project, these satellites are expected to burn instead to reaching their intended orbit.

So, what is going on? Let’s find out!

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Elon Musk’s firm launched the satellites into low-Earth orbit on 3 February from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A Falcon 9 rocket loaded with a group of Starlink internet satellites was standing on pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for a launch opportunity However, the launch was delayed to Thursday due to unknown reasons.

The Starlink network is designed to provide high-speed Internet access to customers in remote areas, but it is also available in many major cities. SpaceX eventually wants to deploy thousands more satellites, which has raised concerns about space debris and interruptions to astronomy observations. Scientists and researchers have raised objections that the satellites can cause streaks of light across images of planets, stars, and other space objects. Astronomers have also lauded SpaceX; however, they are working to reduce the glare from the satellites with dark coatings and sun shields. SpaceX has launched 2,042 Starlink satellites to date as the company builds out a globe-spanning constellation of commercial broadband relay stations.

However, the recent launch will turn to ash as 80% of the satellites are now expected to burn up instead of reaching their intended orbit. According to SpaceX:

“Unfortunately, the satellites deployed on Thursday were significantly impacted by a geomagnetic storm on Friday. These storms cause the atmosphere to warm and atmospheric density at our low deployment altitudes to increase.”

The speed and severity of the storm resulted in an “atmospheric drag” that was up to 50% higher than during previous launches.

Though the satellites were commanded to “take cover from the storm” by flying “edge-on”, they failed to carry out the maneuvers required to reach their required orbit. SpaceX stated:

“Up to 40 of the satellites will re-enter or already have re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere. The deorbiting satellites pose zero collision risk with other satellites.”

The Starlink satellites are designed to disintegrate upon re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, the company said, “meaning no orbital debris is created and no satellite parts hit the ground”.

Now, what exactly is a geomagnetic storm and is it dangerous for earth!
Sun regularly emits solar flares, some of which are massive and dangerous enough to even interfere with the electronics and electrical infrastructure back here on Earth, including navigation systems, Satellites, Internet and more. The solar flares that interfere with the communications systems are emitted by sunspots when they are fired in the direction of the Earth.

Now, astronomers have recently detected that a new sunspot that is firing off massive solar flares into space.

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