Elon Musk Just REVEALED A Deadly Mystery About The Sun!

Elon Musk Just REVEALED A Deadly Mystery About The Sun!

Elon Musk Just REVEALED A Deadly Mystery About The Sun!

Even though a powerful solar storm could destroy the internet, space weather forecasts would at least give us a day or two to prepare. Or perhaps not, as scientists have recently identified a brand-new type of solar storm that attacks without warning. Are we prepared for the next catastrophic solar storm? Let’s find out as Elon Musk update as all!

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According to Musk, more than 150 years have passed since the largest geomagnetic storm ever seen. At this time, the sun is at its highest intensity. When Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson saw an extraordinary event in 1859, it was simply another September night. The two British scientists were not present at the same time, but they both happened to be looking through telescopes at the Sun at the precise instant that a large ejection shot out of the blazing star. Within a few days, other people on Earth observed telegraph cables, the most cutting-edge technology at the time in Europe and North America, erupting in sparks and brilliant aurora swarming the skies.

One of the two astronomers who originally described the solar flare gave it the name Carrington Event, which came to be known as that event. It remains the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded despite taking place more than 150 years ago, though we lack measurements to say precisely how big it was.

Since then, there have been a few severe geomagnetic storms that have affected Earth, all of which have led to power outages and satellite damage. Consequently, resistance has been included into our technology by satellite and electricity businesses. What would happened, though, if a solar flare of the magnitude of the Carrington Event occurred today? Could we handle it?

The answer, according to Alexa Halford, associate chief of the Heliophysics Science Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, is a circumspect yes. Though we’ve made progress, she acknowledges that there is still more to learn.

When the Sun flares, it releases electromagnetic radiation. These spurts typically only last a few minutes, although they can also occasionally continue much longer. Coronal mass ejections, which spew magnetic fields and gas, are occasionally linked to them. On Earth, however, not every solar flare or coronal mass ejection will have an effect; this depends on the size of the burst and the direction it is traveling in. It’s doubtful that we would be affected by a solar flare that happens on the Sun’s far side, for instance, Musk stated.

Even if it does occur on the near side, because of our distance from the Sun and the fact that we are a relatively small target, the burst frequently misses us in our direction. A coronal mass ejection, which travels at a speed of around 4.5 million miles per hour, was created in 2001, for instance, when one of the greatest solar flares ever recorded erupted into space. Fortunately, on its route into space, it swiftly passed by us.

Even while technology at the time of the Carrington Event in 1859 was rather basic, it still had a significant impact on telegraph lines. At the time, unplugging the cables was the only way to stop the sparks from exploding from them. However, they continued to function in part because of the flare’s expelled particles, which hit the lines’ current.

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