Elon Musk Just REVEALED This POWERFUL E-Tank!

Elon Musk Just REVEALED This POWERFUL E-Tank!

Electric vehicles are friendly to the environment, which is why there is such a strong incentive to switch to them. When it comes to military equipment, however, environmental concerns simply do not exist. Nonetheless, several countries are considering developing electric combat vehicles. This includes Elon’s country as he is the one who is going to make it.

Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel Elon Musk Evolution where we tell you all the latest news about Elon Musk and his multi billion companies. In today’s video we are going to tell you about Elon’s Cyber Truck which is not just a truck anymore, it could be a boat, now a tank and who knows what’s next?

Elon wants his company name everywhere, starting from daily traffic to the oceans and now the battlefield, a small jump huh? In a recent Automotive News Daily Drive podcast, Elon Musk made it public “I just wanted to make a futuristic battle tank, something that looked like it came out of Bladerunner or Aliens or something like that.”

What do you mean, customer research?Musk further elaborated, He just made a car he thought was awesome and looked super-weird. The body panels are bulletproof against a handgun, so it’ll probably come in handy in the apocalypse, lol He further praised his CT, “The Cybertruck is the truck you want in the apocalypse. We want to be the industry leader in post-apocalyptic technology”.

Elon didn’t stop here, he explained its amazing design, the Cybertruck’s 30x cold-rolled stainless steel body is bulletproof against a 9mm handgun, according to Tesla. Elon Musk demonstrated this last year during his presentation at the Cybertruck launch event. Cyber Truck is a perfect fit for typical apocalyptic threats thanks to its “body armour” and the infamous armoured glass.

Adding into his luck, The military has been talking about incorporating electric vehicles into their fleet, and with the Tesla Cybertruck being described as a “armoured personnel carrier from the future,” a rendering artist decided to see what an electric Cyber Truck would look like as an “electric Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.”

As we said, the military is working on a plan to use electric vehicles for remote missions, citing Tesla as an example of larger EVs’ viability. Several people speculated that the military could use the Cybertruck as a platform to build electric military vehicles, citing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s description of the Cybertruck as “an armoured personnel carrier from the future.”

It’d be similar to the Hummer, which started out as a military vehicle before being converted to a commercial vehicle. The Cybertruck, on the other hand, has several advantages that most commercial vehicles lack, including an exoskeleton made of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel as Elon mentioned. It could also have a solar power feature, which Tesla is planning to include in the Cybertruck.An optional solar cell system on the top of the electric pickup truck, according to Tesla, will generate about 15 miles of electricity per day.

Well, The military should seriously consider going electric. Their missions could become self-sufficient in terms of energy by deploying batteries and solar panels. Generators and a fuel supply chain aren’t required.

You can drop a Tesla Megapack or a few Powerpacks with deployable solar panels, which Tesla and partners are already doing in Australia, and you’ll have a self-sustaining base in terms of electricity. You can become completely energy independent by adding a few electric vehicles on top of it. Whether it’s done with the Tesla Cybertruck or not, I think it’s a cool concept as Elon is seriously considering it.

The Cybertruck looks almost confrontational, with its brutalist polygonal styling and raw finish, as if it’s begging you to go ahead and take your best shot, as long as the calibre is under 9MM.

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