Elon Musk Just UNVEILED A New Electric Motor For 2024!

Elon Musk Just UNVEILED A New Electric Motor For 2024!

Elon Musk Just UNVEILED A New Electric Motor For 2024!

At its Investor Day event, Tesla declared its intention to market an electric motor that doesn’t need rare earth materials. Although most people might not think much of this, it matters for a number of reasons. And in today’s episode we’ll explore the possible alternative for rare-earth free electric motors.

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The majority of EV buyers probably don’t even consider rare earth elements, much less know what they are or why they matter. Despite this, as EVs become more popular, those opposed to them will go to great measures to point out their flaws. Over the years, there have been a variety of EV myths and horror stories, many of which were based on exaggerated claims and spread by individuals with a bias against the latest advances in technology.

It would be preferable to avoid using rare earth elements in this situation. They are frequently pricey, hard to get, and sourced and processed in nations like China. Rare earth elements are undoubtedly a source for concern as the US attempts to reduce its reliance on other nations for material procurement and processing.

Regarding EVs and the utilization of rare earth elements, there is already a lot of false information available. The lithium-ion battery, its risk of catching fire, the materials it is composed of, how and where they are mined, and a long list of other factors are frequently brought up as reasons to oppose electric vehicles. But experts claim that while modern EV batteries do utilize essential minerals, rare earth elements are frequently absent.

EV motors use rare earth elements. Neodymium appears to be the most prevalent and is used to make powerful magnets, which are found in DC permanent magnet motors. Dysprosium and Terbium are two additional frequently used rare earth elements in electric motors. At present, Tesla uses these components in its DC permanent magnet motors however not in its AC induction motors.

Tesla didn’t begin utilizing DC permanent magnet motors until the Model 3 hit the market in 2017. During its Investor Day event, the business said that since the introduction of the Model 3, it had used 25% less rare earth elements while boosting the motor’s effectiveness.

Tesla wants to keep making and using permanent magnet motors in the future, however they won’t need rare earth materials. The next-generation motor is depicted as “0”.

But, what would be the best alternative? Let’s find out!

According to IDTechEx, in addition to the conventional on-board radial flux motors in EVs, there are two newly developed options, axial flux and in-wheel motors, that have attracted a lot of interest however are still in the early stages of market acceptance.

And so, let’s take a look at axial flux motors.

Axis of power

Axial flux motors are a new type of motor that is gaining popularity in the e-mobility industry. For many years, they were used in stationary applications like elevators and farming equipment, but over the past ten years, a number of developers have been working to improve the technology to make it appropriate for uses like electric motorcycles, airport pods, delivery trucks, electric cars, and even aircraft.

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