Elon Musk Just UNVEILED An All-New Solar Panel For 2024

Elon Musk Just UNVEILED An All-New Solar Panel For 2024

Elon Musk Just UNVEILED An All-New Solar Panel For 2024
Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, unveiled solar-powered roof tiles in 2016, one of the ground-breaking innovations for which he has become known. Musk described the final product as a solar roof that would be beautiful, good for the environment, and less expensive than a typical roof with individual solar panels. The solar roof was one of Musk’s main priorities in a second “master plan” for Tesla that he posted online that summer and claimed would “accelerate a sustainable future.” Musk’s ambition for Tesla hasn’t been fully achieved over seven years later. The cost of installing the roof, which can cost upwards of $100,000 for some consumers, is more than five times that of covering the same roof with traditional solar panels. The roof is being marketed by Tesla as a premium item more and more. According to a person familiar with the project, management is considering raising the price because the company still loses money on the roofs despite the high prices.

But, recently Tesla just uncovered a new material that will address all of these concerns. And so, let’s check this incoming newly improved Tesla solar panels.

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The third component of Tesla’s “Master Plan,” which Elon Musk unveiled, calls for the business to take the lead in the worldwide initiative to phase out fossil fuels and transition to sustainable energy. In an investor event held on Wednesday at the company’s Austin, Texas, Gigafactory, the concept was presented.

In accordance with Master Plan 3, the existing grid will be supplemented with renewable energy, more electric vehicles will be produced, heat pumps will be installed in homes and buildings, high-temperature heat distribution, hydrogen, and the construction of sustainably powered aircraft and boats will all be used. It is Musk’s goal to establish “a sustainable energy civilization.”

For this sustainable future driven by renewable energy, according to Tesla, $10 trillion in investments will be required. Given the state of the world economy, it’s “not a big number,” according to Musk.

The way to a sustainable energy source for the planet is obvious, according to Musk. The destruction of natural habitats is not necessary. We don’t have to live in extreme frugality or go without power or do anything like that.

The world’s energy storage capacity must be increased by up to 240TWh to achieve this aim in large part. Tesla executives stated that this could be done during the event without the need to extract a sizable quantity of ore. The amount of nickel present on Earth, according to Musk, would only need to be around 30%. Iron would also be required, however Musk is unconcerned because it’s the element that’s found in the greatest quantity worldwide.

It will require “less than 0.2 percent” of the Earth’s surface, according to Musk, to build the necessary infrastructure, including wind and solar. While it’s still unclear how any of this is supposed to work, Musk vowed to publish a white paper soon describing the strategy.

Musk expressed hope: “I really wanted today to be about not just Tesla stockholders, but really anyone who is an investor in Earth.”

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