Elon Musk Just UNVEILED The Raptor 3 That SHOCK NASA!

Elon Musk Just UNVEILED The Raptor 3 That SHOCK NASA!

Elon Musk Just UNVEILED The Raptor 3 That SHOCK NASA!
If we’re going to get to Mars, we need an engine that can match the power of the starship, which is the world’s most powerful rocket. In the name of science and acquiring priceless data, SpaceX has been pushing the Raptor engine’s boundaries, sometimes even going beyond them. And recently we’ve watched a test that broke records while learning some fascinating context from Elon on Twitter. And let’s check all of that in this episode!

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In order to completely comprehend the most recent breakthrough, let’s first look at what goes into making a rocket engine.

You may need a basic understanding of the concepts underlying an internal combustion engine here on Earth in order to comprehend the distinctions between rocket engines and your typical internal combustion engine in a car. An explosion that releases energy is the result of combustion, which happens when a fuel ignites after mixing with oxygen. In a combustion chamber of an automobile engine, gasoline vapor and air are combined, and a spark is used to start the mixture. A piston is pushed downward by the force of this mini-explosion, and the piston’s movement rotates a shaft, which turns the wheels.

However, for the sake of today’s episode, you only need to be aware of the fact that fuel + air + spark = explosion = energy, even if the mechanics of a car engine are much more complex. The oxygen content of the air is crucial in this situation since combustion cannot take place unless there is enough of it present. There is no oxygen as a rocket ascends through the high atmosphere and eventually into the void of space. As a result, liquid oxygen must also be carried by rockets in addition to fuel.

The Starship launch vehicle is currently being actively developed by SpaceX as of 2019. To create a trustworthy machine that might one day travel to orbit and beyond, every spacecraft and rocket component has undergone testing and development over the years. SpaceX’s first fully integrated test flight, which took place at its Starbase facility in Boca Chica Beach, Texas, on April 20, provided engineers with the chance to collect crucial data on the Raptor engine and the stainless-steel rocket ship. Even though the vehicle did not enter orbit, the 4-minute flight, which took it roughly 40 kilometers above the earth, was sufficient for engineers to determine what they needed to do better in order to enter orbit.The Super Heavy rocket launched with the force of at least 30 out of 33 Raptor V2 engines during that initial attempt to reach orbit.

Methalox, a mixture of cryogenic liquid methane and liquid oxygen, is the fuel used by raptors. The Raptor V2 engine, which SpaceX describes as having “More power, less parts,” was used to power this Starship prototype; whereas the Raptor V1 engine has a mass of 2,000 kilograms (kg), the Raptor V2 engine has a mass of 1,600 kilograms (kg), and both sea-level versions have the same nozzle exit diameter and similar dimensions.

The current Raptor V2 produces about 230 tons of thrust, compared to about 185 tons for the Raptor V1. By adding less components, the company was able to increase performance/thrust while also shortening the manufacturing process, which is crucial for being able to one day construct a fleet of hundreds of Starships to establish bases on the Moon and Mars.

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