Elon Musk READY To Try “Brain Chip” Implant!

Elon Musk READY To Try “Brain Chip” Implant!

Elon Musk READY To Try “Brain Chip” Implant!

On Wednesday night, Neuralink, the neurotech startup led by Chief Twit Elon Musk, held their much-anticipated and frequently delayed tech demo, promising a lot but making little headway toward their grandiose claims.
Neuralink is a technology that enables people to communicate with machines by utilizing their minds.

Elon Musk’s ambitious plan to utilize the internet to help humans control robots is almost ready for commercial usage.

The company, more well known as Neuralink, demonstrated their brain-computer interface technology on live pigs on August 28, 2020, showing the neurons firing in the pig’s brain in real-time. Neuralink might advance research in the domains of neuroanatomy and neuroscience by years.
So, let’s examine Neuralink’s main principles and why Elon Musk is ready to install this “brain chip” to himself!

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What is Neuralink?

With the help of Neuralink, a Brain-Machine Interface that will be surgically implanted into your brain, you will be able to converse with and even command machines. Various medical issues will be studied and treated with its help.

How Will Data Be Transferred Via Neuralink?

The company has been working on creating this technology ever since it was created in 2016. In the 8mm-diameter cranium, which contains several cables containing electrodes and insulation for the wires, the Neuralink chipset, also known as the N1 chipset, will be fitted.

Your brain will be surgically connected to these wires using a robot. According to the company, the wires are 100 micrometers thick, or as thick as brain neurons, and 100 micrometers thin, or as thin as a strand of hair.
It is possible to target various parts of the brain with several implants inside the skull.

How Does Neuralink Function?

Do you recall the Hollywood action movie The Matrix? Recall the part from the movie “Neo” where the character Neo (played by Keanu Reaves) picks up martial arts by simply downloading a computer program into his head?
Neuralink may not be able to teach humans how to fight, but it will be able to communicate electrical signals to and from machines through the brain.

The company has currently stated that we would be able to operate common items like our smartphone, computer, and even type using our thoughts.

Now, in order to comprehend how Neuralink functions, it is important to know that your brain uses neurons to relay information to various parts of your body. These neurons in your brain connect with one another to build a vast network and communicate via chemicals known as neurotransmitters. By putting electrodes close by, we can record the electric field created by this reaction.

The electrical signals in our brains can then be translated into an algorithm that a machine can read by these electrodes, who also understand them. This will enable Neuralink to read our thoughts and develop a method for us to communicate with robots even without opening our mouths.

The N1 chip’s objective is to track and activate electrical spikes that occur inside of our brain. Using a customized program, we will be able to master a variety of abilities.

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