Elon Musk REVEALED Taiwan’s Fighter Jet That Will Shock China!

Elon Musk REVEALED Taiwan’s Fighter Jet That Will Shock China!

Elon Musk REVEALED Taiwan’s Most Advanced Fighter Jet That Will Shock China! “China must think twice before attacking!”

Hi guys! Welcome to Elon Musk Evolution. Today we will be taking a look at the latest reveal by Elon Musk regarding Taiwan’s secret weapon. Make sure to stick till the end of this video as we have a lot to cover. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and like todays video, it helps us a long way.

What is the history between China and Taiwan?

Taiwan is an island, roughly 100 miles from the coast of southeast China. The island first came under full Chinese rule in the 17th Century when the Qing dynasty began administering it. Then, in 1895, they handed over the island to Japan after losing the first Sino-Japanese war. China took the island again in 1945 after Japan lost World War Two.

China claims that Taiwan was genuinely a Chinese province. But the Taiwanese point to the same history to argue that they were never territory of the modern Chinese state that was first formed after the revolution in 1911 or the People’s Republic of China that was established under Mao in 1949. China diplomatically pressure other countries not to recognize Taiwan, or to do anything which suggests their independent recognition.

How did China react after Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan?

China reacted fiercely to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi denounced Pelosi’s visit as a violation of the “one China” policy, according to Chinese state media CGTN. Wang Yi briefed reporters on the sideline of an ASEAN meeting in Cambodia that “those who offend China will be punished.” During another Q/A session on Wednesday in a daily briefing about what punishment has been decided, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying reacted by asking “for some additional patience and confidence.” On Tuesday night as Pelosi landed in Taipei, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng summoned Nicholas Burns, the American ambassador in Beijing, to oppose the visit.

China’s state Xinhua News Agency cited Xie as saying that “the United States says one thing, does another,” and “uses any means to play the ‘Taiwan card.” China’s People’s Liberation Army said it would be conducting live-fire drills Thursday through Sunday on six swaths of the sea surrounding Taiwan, according to CGTN. Hua Chunying, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said on Wednesday this was to “dialogue with the U.S. and the Taiwan separatist forces in a language they can understand.”
The large-scale drill could mark a new stage of brinkmanship.

A spokesman for Taiwan’s defense ministry, Major General Sun Li-fang, said Wednesday that Taiwan would resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and national security but would not irrationally escalate conflicts. “We prepare for war, but we do not seek it,” he said. China has released a slew of retaliatory constraints aimed at Taiwan to give its economy a hard blow. On Wednesday, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce declared it had discontinued natural sand exports to Taiwan, without giving any reason or excuse.

Well, it is not so surprising! China’s Xinhua News Agency shared a statement by a ministry spokesperson. He clearly mentioned the suspension was “in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.”
Is Taiwan in a position to defend itself from Chinese aggression?

Presently, Taiwan has 169,000 active-duty military personnel, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ The Military Balance. Taiwan has over 400 combat aircraft. The existing inventory comprises around 180 older F-5E/F fighters and over 100 more modern Indigenous Defense Fighters (IDFs).

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