Elon Musk REVEALS A New Space Probe That WIll SHOCK Russia!

Elon Musk REVEALS A New Space Probe That WIll SHOCK Russia!

Elon Musk REVEALS A New Space Probe That WIll SHOCK Russia!

Regarding Jupiter, there are a lot of fundamental questions that remain unresolved. We can learn about the evolution of planetary systems and the potential for extraterrestrial life by studying Jupiter and comparing it to similar exoplanets. There are at least 92 moons orbiting Jupiter, four of which are active planet-like worlds that range in size from somewhat less than the moon of Earth to significantly larger than Mercury. Jupiter also has a weak ring system. And recently, the European Space Agency (ESA) just sent a probe that will further study the Jovian System. And so in today’s episode, let’s find out more about this mission and the reason why we need to explore Jupiter!

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NASA’s maiden mission, which will examine Jupiter’s frozen moon Europa and if it can harbor conditions conducive to life, has been given a $178 million launch services contract, the space agency announced on Friday. Elon Musk’s private rocket business SpaceX will perform the launch.

NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida will be the launch site for the Europa Clipper mission in October 2024 using a Falcon Heavy rocket owned by Elon Musk’s business, Space Exploration Technologies Corp., according to a statement published online by NASA.

The firms that might have submitted bids for the launch contract for the Europa Clipper were not disclosed by NASA.

The ice-covered Jovian satellite, which is slightly smaller than the Earth’s moon and is a top candidate in the hunt for extrasolar life, will be thoroughly surveyed by the probe.

Researchers discovered in 2018 that a bend in Europa’s magnetic field noticed by NASA’s Galileo probe in 1997 believed to have been brought on by a geyser erupting through the icy crust of the moon from a massive underlying ocean. These results corroborated other Europa plume evidence.

According to NASA, the Clipper mission’s goals include taking high-resolution pictures of Europa’s surface, figuring out its makeup, searching for evidence of geological activity, measuring the thickness of its icy shell, and figuring out the depth and salinity of its ocean.

And while waiting for the launch of Clipper, let’s take a closer look at ESAs Jupiter probe, Juice!

The Earth has long been regarded as the ideal planet for life. Finding liquid water, the chemical building blocks of life, and an energy source are the three essential factors that must be present in the same location at the same time in order to search for life on other worlds in the Solar System, according to lessons learned from life on Earth. In the past, we believed that these could only be located in the so-called “Goldilocks Zone” or “Habitable Zone,” a small ring that surrounds the Sun.
But we were mistaken.

Our understanding of the Solar System has drastically changed as a result of images of Jupiter’s moons captured by the Voyager missions in 1979 and the Galileo spacecraft between 1995 and 2003. They uncovered proof of liquid water far from where we imagined it should be able to exist—in the outer regions of our planet’s neighborhood.

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