Elon Musk REVEALS ABANDONED US Military Base In The Moon!

Elon Musk REVEALS ABANDONED US Military Base In The Moon!

Elon Musk REVEALS ABANDONED US Military Base In The Moon!

According to Musk, a top-secret report dubbed “Project Horizon” was sent to the US government by the US Army in march 1959. The ongoing space rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union was escalating tensions. And the text called for the construction of a lunar outpost that was crucial to the military’s mission and to the interests of the United States on the moon.

The process of conducting a feasibility assessment to ascertain if it would be possible to build a 12-man military and research base on the moon got underway quickly. In addition, it was necessary for it to have nuclear reactors for power, allowing it to be self-sufficient, and to have unguided low yield atomic weapons for defense against Soviet invasions.And so, let’s find out what happened to this project over time.

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During the peak of the Atomic Age, an audacious U.S. Army strategists fantasized about occupying the moon, the absolute high ground Musk stated. By 1965, a dozen soldiers would have set foot on lunar soil as part of Project Horizon, the Army study looking at the potential of a permanent presence on the moon. Although the strategy was sound, the US government ultimately decided to move on with a civilian lunar program.

The Cold War, as it came to be known, was a state of standoff between the US and the USSR between 1945 and 1989. During the Cold War, which was a conflict of ideologies, the two nations engaged in rivalry in almost every sphere of life, from the Olympics to the use of military force. Even in space, there was rivalry between the two sides as they attempted to climb higher and further into the skies in a so-called “Space Race.”

According to Musk, Army Chief of Staff Maxwell Taylor eagerly supported the idea after the Army Ballistic Missile Agency published the Project Horizon analysis in March 1959. The base would be a good place to spy on sites on Earth, according to the study’s authors. Given that the Pentagon was keen to learn what was happening within the highly secretive Soviet Union, this was thought to be of great assistance. It was also suggested that the moon serve as a communications relay for American forces deployed around the world, with American soldiers, sailors, pilots, and marines relaying communications traffic off the moon and back to Earth.

The building supplies were supposed to be delivered to the lunar surface by the then-in-development Saturn 1 and Saturn 2 rockets. In order to deliver 490,000 pounds of cargo to the moon through November 1966, the project called for 61 Saturn 1 and 88 Saturn 2 launches, or an average of 5.3 launches each month. Between December 1966 and December 1967, a total of 64 more launches would dump an additional 266,000 pounds.

All the materials required to build the lunar base, including as dwellings, mission supplies, spacecraft, furnishings, food, oxygen, and even water, would be sent into space during these launches. The motor pool of the base would be composed of a people transport vehicle and a construction vehicle. It would be possible to accommodate 12 soldiers on the base, which is made up of connected tubular homes.

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