Elon Musk REVEALS Another Battery That Will Shock Toyota!

Elon Musk REVEALS Another Battery That Will Shock Toyota!

Elon Musk REVEALS Another Battery That Will Shock Toyota!
According to Elon Musk, Tesla believes that a new material can improve its battery chemistry. The CEO highlighted the need for the sector to pay closer attention to the entire battery supply chain, right down to the minerals. Musk was questioned about graphene-based batteries during a speech to Tesla Giga Refinery located in the greater Corpus Christi area of Texas.

Musk admitted his skepticism, sharing it with many others in the industry, due to the difficulty of producing graphene, however he added that Tesla was working on developing batteries using alternative materials. What could be this material? Let’s find out in today’s episode?

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What if salt was a fuel source for your Tesla? Sodium was used 50 years ago to build the battery of the future. The explanation is related to the saltiness of the oceans. One of its electrons is readily lost when sodium ionizes, making it a light element. These ions move back and forth between two plates in a battery that are charged in opposition to one another, producing a current. This seemed like a promising approach to power a house or an automobile. As sodium’s above neighbor on the periodic table, lithium then showed up and disrupted the party. In order to power its handheld video cameras, Sony developed the first rechargeable lithium-ion battery in 1991. This battery was compact and portable. Battery manufacturing centered on lithium since it was lighter and simpler to work with than sodium. To fit more energy into a smaller space, businesses and research facilities competed. The future of Sodium disappeared.

So it came as a surprise when CATL, one of the biggest battery manufacturers in the world and a supplier of batteries to Tesla, revealed that sodium would play a part in the electrified future. Like its rivals, CATL is a corporation entirely focused on the lithium market. However, it will start integrating sodium cells alongside lithium ones into the battery packs that drive electric vehicles starting in 2023. What is the reason?

One CATL executive brought up the fact that sodium is less expensive than lithium and performs better in cold climates. But it was also a form of insurance against a problem that was hard to imagine in 1991. The world will run out of raw materials for batteries by the end of this decade, including lithium as well as metals like nickel and cobalt. Now that widespread electrification is actually taking place, it’s time to consider diversifying. According to a CATL representative, the company began considering sodium ten years ago.

The CATL announcement “really injected new energy into the people who work on sodium,” according to Shirley Meng, a battery chemist at the University of California, San Diego who works extensively with both elements. Meng began working with sodium when she was a young professor, partly because she was seeking for a suitably bizarre niche to distinguish out in, however also because she thought it had potential. The fact that lithium was so successful, according to her, was the largest obstacle to sodium’s success.

Lithium is not very rare. However, deposits are concentrated in locations that are difficult to mine. Therefore, businesses like CATL fight for a share of the supply from a few mines, most of which are found in Australia and the Andes.

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