Elon Musk REVEALS These Three Men Lost In Space!

Elon Musk REVEALS These Three Men Lost In Space!

Elon Musk REVEALS These Three Men Lost In Space!

On April 19, 1971, the first space station in history, Salyut-1, had just been placed in low Earth orbit by the Soviet Union. On June 6, 1971, the Soyuz 11 would undertake a journey to the orbiting space station with cosmonauts Georgi Dobrovolski, Vladislav Volkov, and Viktor Patsayev inside.

Three cosmonauts from the Soyuz 11 spacecraft successfully boarded the Salyut-1 space station on June 7, 1971. They were there for three weeks of research projects, including the growth of Chinese cabbage and bulb onions, the creation of star spectrograms, and the taking of photographs of the snow and ice on the River Volga “from orbit.”

But what happened to these three cosmonauts? Let’s find out while Elon Musk update us all!

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According to Musk, it’s a small wonder that only three people have lost in space out of 562 who have ventured beyond the safety of Earth. Five times as many people have perished as a result of crashes or explosions while escaping or reentering our planet’s atmosphere.

They were now well-known heroes, and frequently appeared on Soviet evening television. The Soyuz 11 finally separated from the Salyut-1 on June 29th, 1971, after the cosmonauts’ primary mission was finished. Three hours later, the astronauts fired their ship’s engine to return to Earth.

Vladislav Volkov made a humorous request to flight control, asking them to make sure their customary welcome-home gift of cognac would be there when they landed. To separate the orbital bell-shaped capsule and instrument modules of the Soyuz 11 at 29 minutes before touchdown, and at a height of 160 kilometers (100 miles), explosive charges were fired as directed. The cosmonaut’s only protection from the raging furnace of re-entry was now the space capsule.

Then, however, something unexpected transpired…

The pressure inside the crew capsule rapidly dropped as soon as the other modules were jettisoned, and all of the air inside started escaping into the vacuum of space. Unfortunately, mission control remained oblivious of the situation. There was a startling quiet when the cosmonauts tried to be reached on the VHF radio, which caused the room to become uneasy. The capsule was detected on radar as it entered Soviet airspace 22 minutes before touchdown.

Mission controllers knew that while the capsule was still re-entering the atmosphere, it would be wrapped in a cloak of plasma, and consequently contact would be difficult during this period, Musk explained.

As the minutes passed by, expectations for a happy ending were reignited when the space capsule’s drogue parachute autonomously released, followed by the larger main parachute cover followed.

But there continued to be no signal from the crew, and five minutes before touchdown, helicopter crews noticed the completely intact Soyuz 11 leisurely swinging back and forth under the flawless looking parachute.

When the chopper commander radioed that the capsule had landed safely, mission control was delighted.

After spending three exhausting weeks in space, the recovery team was staying close by and was just minutes away from opening the hatch to give the cosmonauts their cognac and other home comforts.

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