Elon Musk REVEALS What Tesla Found In The Great Pyramids!

Elon Musk REVEALS What Tesla Found In The Great Pyramids!

The Egyptian Pyramids at Giza are without a doubt one of, if not the most, strange structures on Earth. They have withstood the test of time and nature for thousands of years and are still standing strong. As you probably know, many powerful people have been fixated on solving the mysteries surrounding these enormous structures for centuries. And one of them is Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. But, what did Nikola Tesla discover in the Great Pyramids? Let’s find out as the tech billionaire Elon Musk will update us all!

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One of the most prominent and popular inventors to ever exist was Nikola Tesla. He disclosed some horrifying facts about the pyramid. Although Nikola Tesla passed away unrecognized, his fame has inevitably gained attention. In addition to his insane ideas that were patented, his key concepts also contributed to the development of several of the technologies we use today, including smartphones, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, electrical supply systems, and some other technologies. The Egyptian pyramids are one of the many other intriguing top-secret projects in which Tesla exhibited interest.

When he was 20 years old, he started to get motivated to discover the mysteries of the pyramids. He made the decision to pursue it as his life’s objective at this point in his life. The Egyptian pyramids are cryptic and constructed in spectacular structures, comprising roughly 2.5 million stone blocks and weighing close to 6 million tons. Various tourists from throughout the world visit this monumental structure. If you’ve ever visited or read about these pyramids, you probably agree with those who claim that they are hiding a lot of secrets, some of which gave rise to some of Nikola Tesla’s most revolutionary theories and creations, most notably the theory that pyramids can produce power.

After reading a number of literature about historic buildings, Nikola Tesla concluded that the pyramids held a tremendous amount of energy. Tesla started to wonder whether there might be hidden advanced technology in the pyramids at that time, when electricity was a relatively new invention.

He came to believe that electromagnetic energy was the source of the pyramids’ energy. According to him, the chambers inside the pyramids may have been utilized to manipulate the electromagnetic fields after they were constructed using a type of crystal energy.

He also believes that the Great Pyramid was built using materials with energy-storing qualities that came from the Sun and Moon, such as the stones utilized in its construction. In light of this, he hypothesized that the pyramid may have been built to produce an energy field that could power cities. The technology of conveying electrical energy through the natural medium was the title of a patent application Tesla submitted in the United States in 1905. He believed that the planet Earth was a massive electrical generator with an infinite supply of energy that was rotating around two magnetic poles, as described in the patent, which included designs for a number of global generators that draw power from the ionosphere.

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