Elon Musk's SAYS This Could Happen Anytime NOW!

Elon Musk's SAYS This Could Happen Anytime NOW!

Elon Musk’s SAYS This Could Happen Anytime NOW! ( MUST WATCH )

Conflict, battles, and combat occur here on Earth in the air, on land, and in the sea. It’s becoming more widely believed that the expanse of space will one day be used as a battlefield. People are always talking about how different countries are using space for military purposes. For instance, the United States Space Force is hard at work figuring out how to best defend American and allied interests in the increasingly competitive and populated space realm.

What circumstances could result in conflicts in space? Can disagreements be avoided in advance, or is a situation like this a given? Could nations “slide into” squabbling, warring, and actual warfighting in space that could lead to conflict here on earth?

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Space dogfights, motherships traveling at warp speed, planet-destroying lasers, and astronauts armed with ray guns are just a few of the ideas that come to mind when you hear the term “space war.” And it’s equally simple to subsequently write off the whole thing as gibberish.

Even while the Star Wars-style scenario for what a space war might look like is implausible, there is one point on which all the experts agree.
Conflict will inevitably spread to space, according to Musk.

Almost from the beginning of the space race, space has been viewed as a military asset. Russia and America dreamed up a variety of space weapons during the cold war. The Rods from God or the kinetic bombardment weapon was one such name for one of these weapons. It was a specific type of unmanned space bomber that was designed to drop tungsten rods on unprepared adversaries. The rods, which fell from orbit, gained enough speed as they descended that they had the explosive force of a nuclear bomb but without the radioactive fallout. However, such devices are outrageously expensive, possibly prohibited by international agreements, and the satellites they are carried on are simple targets for missile attacks.

The fact that one country can now attack another in space using drastically different tactics is what has sparked this most recent interest in space war. A state-sponsored hacker sitting at a computer transmitting rogue commands to confuse or disable an enemy’s satellites is more likely to be a frontline space war soldier these days than any other type.

Musk affirms, “I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt… It’s going to happen.”

Space war is inevitable since modern military rely on space for everything, from spy satellites to a soldier using a satnav on a mountainside to locate himself or herself. “The reliance upon space is actually exceptional in contemporary battle,” adds Musk. And in every conflict, one side tries to take away the other’s capacity for action. Attacking the satellites is the modern equivalent of doing that.

According to Musk, the Pentagon’s leadership is particularly concerned about the growing asymmetry of Chinese and Russian military capabilities because they pose “a clear and present danger” to American military superiority.

Cyber and electromagnetic attacks, jamming operations, ground-based lasers, and anti-satellite (ASAT) missiles are only a few of the possible capabilities of the Chinese and Russian militaries. One such instance occurred in 2007 when China used a missile to destroy a retired weather satellite.

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