Evolution vs ChatGPT-4 | A Stated Clearly Review

Evolution vs ChatGPT-4 | A Stated Clearly Review

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In today’s “Stated Clearly Review” (a thing I’ll be doing every once in a while from now on) I go over ChatGPT-4, the new A.I. model taking the world by storm. I ask it common questions about evolution to see if it “understands” the science well enough to teach it.

The questions start easy and get harder, the final question requires extreme speculation to answer, thus testing ChatGPT-4’s ability to imagine. Questions were submitted by patrons: Jeremy Smith and
Michael McGuffin.

The development of ChatGPT-4 is an amazing achievement. I think it has potential to do great things for education, but ChatGPT-4 is also worrisome for several reasons, including its tendency to gaslight users, hallucinate fake information (and give to users with full confidence) and it’s not clear how ChatGPT-4 will be viewed by users with specific cultural sensitivities.

For example, suppose I were a Young Earth Creationist just wanting to dip my toes into the science of evolution. If I would have asked ChatGPT-4 the questions from this video, its responses might have been a bit too cold and intense for my needs.

The future will be strange, hopefully in a good way.

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