Fox News Hosts BEG Republicans To NOT Impeach President Biden

Fox News Hosts BEG Republicans To NOT Impeach President Biden

During the midterm coverage on Tuesday evening, hosts on Fox News began to beg Republicans to NOT impeach President Biden if they win back the House. The hosts admitted that this would be a big mistake because voters would punish them in the next election cycle for wasting everyone’s time. They aren’t wrong, but that won’t stop the Republicans from trying, as Farron Cousins explains.

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Shockingly enough control over the House of Representatives for the, uh, upcoming legislative session that will begin in January is still up for grabs. We do not yet know which political party is going to control the House of Representatives. So of course that throws a big monkey wrench into the Republican’s plans to impeach President Biden. And on Tuesday evening, before the results even started coming in from the midterms, the conservative host over at Fox News decided to throw yet another wrench into those gears by warning Republicans that it would be a political disaster for them to try to impeach President Biden if they retake the house. So here, this is a absolutely shocking moment where hosts on Fox News, Brian kill Mead, uh, Judge Janine Piro, talking about how stupid it would be for Republicans to impeach President Biden, take a look,

Advances our strategic objectives, or do you want to side with a group of people who may have good intentions but are are just woefully inadequate when it comes to developing a real plan and being able to implement that plan? That’s what Democrats are gonna have to really assess this evening, I think regardless of the outcome, But especially if we lose, and I do hope, again, Republicans are interested in problem solving, and I hope there’s some Democrats that wanna join them if they win the majority of that, If

They start talking about impeaching Joe Biden’s a bad’s investigating, that would be, that would be a terrible thing. No, they won’t. But there is talk about that. I think it’ll be a waste of time. What a mistake, right? Uh, I guess you got said to tease out. Do I tease out still? Yeah, tease out. Okay. Right. Uh, our predictions and final thoughts are next. Oh

God, what a mistake they say. And they’re right by the way. But here’s the thing. There isn’t a single Republican on Fox News that wouldn’t love to see the other Republicans in Congress impeach President Biden, like they all want it to happen. So don’t let that confuse you. It’s not that these people are sitting there saying, No, he hasn’t committed any crimes. This would be a waste of time. They know deep down he hasn’t committed any crimes. They know that. They also understand that impeachment would be a political disaster for the Republican party and it would come back to hurt them in 2024. If you don’t believe that, I suggest you go talk to Newt Gingrich about how that worked out for him. Impeaching President, Bill Clinton, not exactly the best political move as Clinton’s approval rating went through the roof following their botched impeachment attempt against him.

And it’s likely that the same thing would happen with President Biden. You can disagree with his policies all day long. As I’ve repeatedly said, he’s done plenty of things I don’t like. That doesn’t mean that I’m sitting here saying these things are illegal because they’re not. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that you can impeach somebody for it. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the American public, it’s that they don’t take too kindly, too frivolous impeachment hearings, they were all in on the Trump stuff because the Democrats actually came with evidence. Republicans not so much, especially with regard to the possible impeachment of President Biden. Marjorie Taylor Green, however, is not gonna be dissuaded. She came out the day before midterms Monday of this week. Instead, impeaching, Biden’s gonna be easy. It’s gonna be easy. She’s also said, We’ll do it every week.

Trump, of course, is pestering Republicans. How many times you’re gonna impeach him? It better be more than twice. Dang it. So they’re gonna do it. They’re gonna run head first into that political disaster, and it’s going to be awesome to watch it happen. Because the funniest part is that earlier this year before he caved in, of course, to the extremes in his party, even Kevin McCarthy was like, Yeah, we’re not doing that. A year ago before he became even crazier, Matt Gates was talking about how stupid it would be to impeach President Biden if they won this year’s midterms. He’s like, Nah, it’s a bad idea. If we do it, then they’ll do it.

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