Fox News Raided Tucker Carlson's House And Took His Filming Equipment

Fox News Raided Tucker Carlson's House And Took His Filming Equipment

Before being fired from the network, Tucker Carlson had been filming his Fox News program from his home in Maine for quite some time, and the network had built him a full set to use. And now the former host is angry that the network showed up and took everything back, leaving him with no set to film his new show that he had planned to release on Twitter. It was their stuff to begin with, and Tucker should be able to afford to build his own. Farron Cousins explains what happened.

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Things are not going all that well for former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, after it was revealed this week that Fox News showed up at his home in Maine and completely dismantled and took back the studio that the network had created for him at his home. See, here’s what happened for, for quite some time now, Tucker Carlson has been filming, well, had been filming his show, Tucker Carlson tonight from a studio in his home in Maine, and it’s a studio that Fox News paid for all of the equipment was there. They, they sent the workers in to build it. It was all Fox News’s stuff. And then last week, according to Tucker Carlson’s Construction manager, Fox News showed up, ripped it all out, and took it all back. They basically raided Tucker Carlson’s home to take back all their crap. And the construction manager, uh, basically kind of made it sound like this all happened after Tucker Carlson made his announcement on Twitter that he was going to be doing his show again and releasing it exclusively on Twitter.

And, uh, based on how things went with Ron DeSantis presidential announcement this week, I, I don’t think that would’ve been a very smart move for Tucker Carlson, uh, because Elon Musk apparently can’t run a business to save his life. However, I find it hilarious that Tucker Carlson and his construction crew people are furious that Fox came back and took back their stuff. Like, you don’t own any of that. You didn’t even pay for the construction of it. You just own the site where it happened. Let me read this, let me read this from Carlson’s Construction Manager. There’s no hardware in place at all. There’s not even an infrastructure for a TV studio for a long time. We, we just came to clean it up and get it looking like something again there. There’s no imminent venture. We’re just getting ready in case something does happen, there’s nothing we’re doing other than cleaning the place up, shoring up the walls, making it look good again, because as, as he had told the Daily Mail, um, apparently Fox did damage some of the walls when they were taking their equipment off, which actually does make sense.

I’ve, I’ve been involved to, to a small degree in the construction of multiple different studios and of course the dismantling of studios. And I gotta tell you, yeah, when you mount that stuff on the wall, it’s kind of hard to get it off with without causing damage to the existing structure. So I get it and sure, Fox News, I do think like y’all should pay for that even though Tucker Carlson’s got the money to do it. But what’s funny about it, not just that Tucker Carlson lost all his stuff, that wasn’t even his stuff to begin with. It’s that Fox

Was probably going to just leave it there. Like they probably didn’t care. They probably already wrote all of that stuff off anyway, but it was once Tucker said he was gonna start filming again, that Fox thought, oh, over our dead bodies, you’re gonna use our equipment. Those are our cameras, that’s our desk, those are our chairs, those are the walls that we built for your fake studio. And the construction manager said they took it all. They took the chairs. Like Tucker Carlson doesn’t have a place to sit in his no longer fake studio, but they’re making it clear to Tucker that we are not backing down. And that’s the important part. There have been multiple reports over the last few weeks that say that Tucker Carlson’s allies are planning this like horrible, you know, offensive against Fox News leaking, damaging information about the network, like their bathroom policy, um, to try to make the network cave let Carlson out of his contract.

And of course, you know, so he can film again, but Fox News doesn’t appear ready to do that. I mean, the act of going there, taking your studio equipment back shows that you guys are serious and you’re not gonna back down. So, Tucker Carlson might need to come up with plan B, right? The information y’all have leaked about Fox News, again, about their bathroom policy, like we’re okay with you using the bathroom of the gender you identify with.

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