Fox News Settles Dominion Lawsuit For $787 MILLION!

Fox News Settles Dominion Lawsuit For $787 MILLION!

Dominion Voting Systems was given a massive victory at the very start of their defamation trial against Fox News on Tuesday, with the judge declaring to the jury that ALL the claims made by Fox News were false, and Fox lawyers must say that in their opening statements. As the day progressed, Fox News realized that they were facing a battle they couldn’t win, and decided to settle with the company for a staggering $787 million. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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Well folks, yesterday was the official start of the Dominion Voting System’s Defamation lawsuit trial against Fox News. And just a few hours after things got underway, it was announced that the two parties had finally agreed to a settlement. And Fox News will be paying Dominion 787 million to make all of this go away. So the big question is not why Dominion settled. I mean, 787 million is, it’s a lot to walk away from, especially because even if Dominion had won the lawsuit, they were suing for 1.6 billion, they would not have gotten 1.6 billion. So in terms of financials, like this is probably the most amount of money they could have gotten out of this. A jury would have reduced that award. If not in the initial trial upon appeal, it would’ve come way, way, way down. So financially speaking, dominion got the best deal possible. But for the public, this sucks.

We needed to see this trial. We needed more information to come out because as I’ve said, what we know so far from this trial, the text messages, the emails, the memos, all of that, the depositions, the only things that were revealed from that were things that were relevant in court filings to fight Fox Lawyers’ claims. So there’s still tons of stuff that we didn’t even know from the depositions. There’s more text messages, there’s more emails. We the public no longer get access to those. We would’ve seen them had the trial continued. Now we do not get to ever see them. That’s what bugs me the most. I get Dominion was trying to do the best for their company. Sure, whatever. But we needed to see what else was going on at Fox News. I think the public deserved that. So even though, again, you know, we don’t get a say in how this thing transpires, dominion did what they felt was best for their company.

Fox News, on the other hand, also did the best, uh, uh, what they thought was the best for their company. And to be honest, they probably made the right decision. In fact, they should have made this decision months and months ago to settle it and get it out of the way before any of the information that’s already come out came out. But something happened yesterday at the start of the trial that kind of kickstarted Fox News to think, holy crap, we’ve gotta get out of this. And here’s what happened when that trial commenced, right, they went through the jury selection process. The judge in the case, judge Eric Davis, went ahead and issued a preliminary ruling announcing that all of the claims

That Fox News had made were in fact false. He also said that Fox’s lawyers will have to say that they are false and the jury will be instructed that all of Fox’s claims were false. So right off the bat, as soon as the trial commenced, the judge was like, listen up everybody just so we’re all clear. Fox lied. Now when a trial starts out with the judge already telling everybody that, Hey, by the way, these people absolutely did what they say they did, um, that takes a lot of the burden off of Dominion. They no longer have to prove that Fox lied. They only have to prove that they intentionally lied, which based on the information we’ve already seen, kind of seems like a fairly easy thing to do. And that’s what Fox News knew. They knew they couldn’t fight that. They knew that that ruling to start the trial was absolutely detrimental to them.

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