Fox News Sued For Sharing Biden Ads With Jared Kushner

Fox News Sued For Sharing Biden Ads With Jared Kushner

Fox News and owner Rupert Murdoch have been hit with a lawsuit from Media Matters for America, filed with the FEC, alleging that Murdoch handing over Biden’s 2020 ads to Jared Kushner resulted in an illegal campaign contribution. There is little doubt that the information passed along had inherent value to the campaign, yet it was not disclosed on any forms and could have exceeded the legal limit. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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Late Friday evening, Fox News and Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, were hit with a lawsuit filed by Media Matters for America Against Fox and Rupert Murdoch, and it was filed with the Federal Elections Commission. Media Matters is alleging in their lawsuit that Rupert Murdoch sharing President Biden’s 2020 campaign ads with Jared Kushner, who was working on the Trump campaign at the time, violated campaign finance laws by acting as an in-kind campaign contribution. Now, as we talked about last week, those ads from Rupert Murdoch and Fox News were shared with Jared Kushner. Uh, uh, Murdoch admitted this, by the way, in his deposition with Dominion Voting System. So this is not speculation, this is something he freely talked about during the deposition. Um, but he shared the ads before they had aired. So you’re giving vital information that you obtained through your business to the campaign of Donald Trump.

Now, even Ted Lu last week when this information was revealed, had suggested that this should be viewed as an in-kind campaign contribution that probably exceeded the legal limits. And that’s exactly one of the things that media matters is suing for, because that’s the obvious one, right? But media Matters lawsuit is not so simple, right? It’s not just saying, Hey, they didn’t report this. They should be in trouble. Now, it goes a lot further than that. It’s a lot smarter than that because this lawsuit also alleges a nefarious attempt by people in power to operate a press entity as a political organization. Now, if you remember what I talked about last week, I told you that there were different laws governing the way that a political apparatus can operate and the way that a press organization can operate. And that is exactly what media matters is pointing out in their lawsuit, because there are times, by the way, when it is strictly forbidden for any organization, any business, any private company, which is what Fox News is, to give information or any kind of contribution material or immaterial to a political campaign. There are, however certain exceptions for the media in that particular law. So, media Matters is arguing that those exceptions do not apply to Fox News in this particular situation. Now, it will be up to the FEC to decide what happens from here. Um, unfortunately, you can’t just go and sue them in regular court. The lawsuit has

To go through the Federal Elections Commission, which that’s where things get a little shady. Unfortunately, the F E C, uh, based on what we’ve seen, doesn’t like to enforce things. They don’t like to get people in trouble. They don’t like to do their jobs. So this lawsuit was very brilliantly written, perfectly filed, but because it has to go through the F E C, I’m not holding my breath on Rupert Murdoch or Fox News actually being held accountable.

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