Going Postal

Going Postal

If you offered people $100 to name a Supreme Court Justice, I bet you’d lose quite a bit of money. If you challenged random people to name a Cabinet Secretary, you’d still lose money, just not at much. If the challenge was to name any Postmaster General other than Benjamin Franklin, your money would be safe. Unless you happen to be an activist liberal, that is, then the name will roll of your tongue with venom: Louis DeJoy.    Since November 5, 2020, I have received 238 fundraising emails from left-wing groups about just how awful Mr. DeJoy is. Missing from most, especially the ones in the past year, is any attempt to explain how the Postmaster General is likely history’s greatest monster. So ubiquitous is the demonization of DeJoy throughout the left, the “why” part is no longer necessary to explain; they just know.The “problem” with DeJoy is he was appointed by President Donald Trump. Seriously, that is what has set the l …

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