Hate-Watching Fox News so You Don't Have to | Kat Abu & Andrew Lawrence | Offline with Jon Favreau

Hate-Watching Fox News so You Don't Have to | Kat Abu & Andrew Lawrence | Offline with Jon Favreau

Kat Abu and Andrew Lawrence watch Fox News every night so you don’t have to. As researchers at Media Matters, a right-wing media watchdog, it’s their job to monitor the conspiracies and propaganda spreading on the network. Andrew is one of the nation’s leading Fox experts, having watched primetime Fox since the 2016 campaign and Kat has recently brought their work to new audiences, breaking down Fox News in weekly viral TikTok explainers. They join Jon to talk about this unusual moment at Fox News, whether the network is finally facing its comeuppance, and what watching these shows for a living does to a person.

0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Watching Fox News for a living
16:20 – Fox News’ influence
26:10 – Handling the Republican primary
36:39 – Ad break
40:26 – 2nd Offline challenge

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