How Russell Brand Completely SOLD OUT to The Right-Wing

How Russell Brand Completely SOLD OUT to The Right-Wing

Russell Brand has gained traction on his old YouTube channel over the last few years. Originally promoting leftism, Brand has slowly diverted his focus on attacking mainly liberal figures with the goal of expanding his audience by focusing on gaining a right-wing fanbase.

Recently, Russell also joined Rumble and has collaborated with the likes of Steven Crowder to talk about ‘free speech’. At this point its clear Russell has sold out his old political views for a chance at a bigger audience and maybe a paycheck.

.00:00:00 – The Downfall of Russell Brand
00:05:40 – The Political Evolution of Russell Brand
00:19:30 – Why is Russell Brand hanging out with Donald Trump Jr?
00:20:45 – Russell Brand moves to Rumble
00:26:00 – Russell Brand X Steven Crowder
00:33:20 – Russell Brand has no principles

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